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Jaymie commented on lechbialek's Feature Request, “Play MIDI files (vuo.midi.play.file)

Thanks for the suggestion, lechbialek. Opened for voting.

We've decided to make it a Pro feature based on our guidelines, How do you determine which features are only in Vuo Pro?, as we see it being most useful in conjunction with a MIDI sequencer.

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Aha, looks like the issue is not graphics slowness, but a side effect of the way that Make Text Layer renders sharp text.

Make Text Layer snaps the text to pixels so that it's totally sharp rather than blurred across pixels. However, as your composition points out, this can interact weirdly with scrolling text across the window. To keep the text sharp, Make Text Layer causes the text to jump from one pixel to the next. Depending on how the scrolling events line up in time with pixels in space, the text could actually move 1px or 2px or 0px on a given display refresh. Hence the jerky motion.

If you remove Make Text Layer and just use Make Text Image — which, when combined with Make Image Layer non-realsize, does not snap to pixels — that should be smoother. With the attached composition, if you slow down the scrollers and zoom in, you can see the pixels gradually fade in and out as it moves along.

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For removing 10 kHz and up, with Frequency Bins set to 2047, the bins you'd want to start at are bin 43 (10095.70 Hz to 10599.61 Hz) for Quadratic and bin 11 (6005.86 Hz to 12017.58 Hz) or bin 12 (12005.86 Hz to 23994.14 Hz).

I've attached the full list of bins and frequencies for Frequency Bins = 2047 and Frequency Bin Averaging = Quadratic or Logarithmic. We've added some code that logs the bins and frequencies to console when Vuo is run in debug mode, to be included in the next release.

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Chris, possible workaround: Launch QuickTime Player, open a movie recording window, select the C920 and select "maximum quality", then run the Vuo composition. On the system we tested on, the framerate went from 10 fps to 24 fps. Does it work for you?

Looks like QuickTime Player is using some special secret code that Apple hasn't made public to set the quality, so unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an easy way we could fix this in Vuo.

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Jaymie commented on Kewl's Discussion, “Interpolation between two XY points

How about Make Points along Spline with Tension = 1?