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Chris, thanks for reporting this problem, and sorry it's preventing you from getting something done. We have a fix to be included in Vuo 1.2.6.

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Jaymie commented on Philip's Feature Request, “More type conversions

Here is my list of "missing" available conversions in Vuo

Sure, most of those sound like they would be useful.

Text to Layer/Image (automatically generated text layer)

This one seems limited to me, since it would always output a text layer with the same center, font, and color. How do you envision using it?

Layer/Image to Scene Object (similar to a QC sprite)

Currently available in the Parabox nodes.

And there are some list conversions that are unavailable where the non-list version is available

We'd like to remedy that with Iteration: Turn most nodes into iterators by allowing single-value ports to accept lists.

Also, it seems to me that if one can convert something to text (in the way that a 2D Point converts to text, not how an image does), one ought to be able to convert it back after.

Trying to keep things organized, I've split that into a separate feature request: Nodes to convert from Text to most other types.

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Jaymie commented on Jérôme Lanon's Discussion, “Make CMYK Color

There are different ways to convert between RGB and CMYK.

In Photoshop, the method depends on the color profile you've chosen for the document.

In Vuo, the method is always a linear formula ((1-C)*(1-K)). This is the same one used by http://rgb.to/hex/44ff30, for example.

A different site, http://www.codecrete.net/CMYK, which uses the ISO Coated v2 300% Color Profile, gives a result closer to what you're seeing in Photoshop.

If you're interested in Vuo supporting more than one color profile, you're welcome to create a feature request.

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Jaymie commented on marcin's Discussion, “Make Integer node?

marcin, I'm glad you have a solution :)

We'll add "make" as a keyword of Share Value so it comes up in searches.

Share value and Make value would actually be the same node so perhaps the team left it out to enlighten the library ?

Bodysoulspirit, yeah, rather than including the same node twice under different names, which could be confusing, we like to use search keywords so the node comes up if you search for either possible name.

Btw, related feature request: Ability to detach constant value flags and connect them to multiple nodes

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Jaymie commented on Alastair's Feature Request, “Improve website email notification system

This is now implemented, including the delay for edits — Improved email notifications for vuo.org posts.