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Jaymie commented on mic's Feature Request, “An advanced tutorial on plugin developing

Thanks for the suggestion, mic. Opened for voting.

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Jaymie commented on bLackburst's Feature Request, “Gradient Phase and Period

Adding ports to control phase, wrap mode, and sharpness sounds good. Opened for voting.

You can already make repeating colors with the Copy List Item Groups nodes (a more general-purpose solution). Just feed that into the gradient node's Colors port.

As a workaround until this feature request is voted up, you can increase sharpness by putting the same color several times consecutively in the list (as in the attached composition). Or if you happen to be working with just 2 colors, you can use the Make Stripe Image node.

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Great, thanks for elaborating. I've created a feature request: UV texture coordinate math expressions in 'Make Parametric Grid Mesh' node. In the meantime, we'll remove the documentation about U and V expressions.

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Understood. We'll keep this in mind for when the feature gets voted up. The challenge is always to determine how a visual cue might be added without making the user interface too "cluttered" or "busy".

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We'll keep that idea in mind and see if more people ask for it. I see how it could potentially be helpful, but it would require some additional bookkeeping and discussion.