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Philip, that's an interesting idea. To avoid expanding the current feature request beyond its complexity of 1 dot / up to a few days of work, I've created a separate feature request covering items 1 and 2: Ability to collapse other nodes besides type converters.

For item 3, I think a good way to accomplish that would be with the separate feature request plus Ability to create composition-local subcompositions. You could group the nodes into a subcomposition and give it a meaningful name, which would be displayed when you collapse the subcomposition node.

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If you just want the event from Fire Periodically to go into the subcomposition, you can make an event-only published input port. In the example below, I created the published port by dragging a cable from the Count node's Increment input port, holding down Option to make it event-only, and dropping it onto the published inputs area. Each time Fire Periodically fires, its event goes into the Show Counter Window node's input port, and inside the subcomposition, goes to the Count node's increment port.

If you also want to send the data from Fire Periodically, you can publish a Real (number) published input port, as in the example below. In this example, each time Fire Periodically fires, its event and data (the seconds since the composition started) go into the Show Number Window node's input port, and inside the subcomposition, go to the Format Number node's Value port.

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Your composition uses a node that is new in Vuo 1.2.5 (vuo.event.changed2), but VDMX b8.6.1.1 (the latest version) only includes Vuo 1.2.4.

I've attached a version of the composition that opens in Vuo 1.2.4. (It substitutes the old vuo.event.changed in place of vuo.event.changed2). That should work in VDMX b8.6.1.1.

If you want, there's a hack you can use to enable VDMX to run Vuo 1.2.5 compositions. See How do I use Vuo 1.2 with VDMX5 b8.5.0.7?.

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Jaymie commented on marcin's Discussion, “Make Button problem with Pressed event

Hm, the "Change Color with Button" example composition still works for me. Have you connected a cable to the Make Button node's Rendered Layers input port? If that doesn't solve it, could you post your composition?

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Jaymie commented on 2bitpunk's Feature Request, “Published Ports - Input reordering

Chosen to be implemented.