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Jaymie commented on mle's Feature Request, “`Open URL in Browser` node

There is not currently a way to do that, but an Open URL in Browser node would be fairly easy to add. Opened for voting.

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We're continuing to make progress on working around this GPU driver bug. We had suspected that certain changes to the graphics system (eliminating the use of OpenGL shared contexts) would fix the crashes/hangs, and we confirmed that they do.

We've started using computers with AMD GPUs more frequently, and have also observed similar system-wide hangs when using Final Cut Pro X on those computers (without any Vuo compositions running). And other people have reported issues using Photoshop's GPU acceleration with AMD GPUs. So this seems to be a fairly widespread AMD driver issue :^/

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Jaymie commented on Kewl's Feature Request, “Merge WXYZ Lists

Because it would be evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah, just because we weren't sure that anyone would need it. Since it'll be super quick to add, I'll go ahead and mark it "chosen to be implemented".

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Jaymie commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Insert node between other nodes

bLackburst, sure, that sounds good.

By the way, to add a Share Value without going to the Node Library, you can right-click on the canvas and choose Insert "Share Value" Node.

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Another piece — "select a bunch of pre-connected nodes, right-click them into a macro and all publishing and cable connections are done for you" — doesn't have a public feature request, but we're already working on it and are planning to release it in Vuo 1.3.