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Jaymie commented on Kewl's Discussion, “CPU efficiency in Calculate node

Probably the first option since it has fewer operations. But since your CPU can do billions of floating-point operations per second, you'd have to be dividing a lot of numbers for it to make a perceptible difference. Also, it takes way more CPU operations than just that little math expression to execute the node, copy the outputs to the connected inputs, etc. It's nice that CPUs are really really fast :)

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Jaymie commented on Bodysoulspirit's Bug Report, “Too long Tree Port Popover

Confirmed: the port popover can be really wide if the text contains tabs. Thanks for discovering this bug, Bodysoulspirit!

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Chris, one of your XPath expressions contains smartquotes, which our parser (currently) doesn't recognize as quotes.

In (Loyalist )BackgroundGraphic.vuo, replace



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Jaymie commented on Kewl's Discussion, “Visual data beyond Vuo "space"

Your could use Tile Layer, as in the attached example.

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So you mean all other .plist OSX files would work as well ?

Good question — I meant that Make Tree from XML would handle property lists stored as XML text, like the iTunes file. But usually macOS stores property lists in a binary format (if you try to open the file in a text editor, it's just a bunch of weird characters), so that would be a separate node, beyond the scope of this feature request.

Thanks for pointing out the existing feature request for reading iTunes playlists.