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Got it, thanks! And we confirmed that it's the same underlying problem that my coworker saw. The fix will be in the next release.

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Jaymie commented on David's Bug Report, “Decode Movie Image hangs

David, thanks for reporting this performance bug. Confirmed that we can reproduce the problem. The code is doing a lot of unnecessary work while seeking (decoding frames that are just being skimmed past).

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Bodysoulspirit — Was there, by any chance, another dialog open, perhaps behind the window or on another screen? That would explain the failure to respond to clicks and the macOS error sound.

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I can mail over the full crash log if needed.

Yes, please! My coworker tried to reproduce the crash using the steps you gave, and didn't see it — but he did get a crash if he closed the composition at the end. The latter crash is already fixed in our code under development. If you can send the crash report, we can see if it's the same bug or a different one.

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iaian7 — Thank you for sharing your test results.

Another thing you could try is to go to System Preferences > Mission Control and toggle the "Displays have separate Spaces" setting, then log out and log back in, and see how the performance compares.

To get a more objective measure of performance, you could add a visualization of skipped frames as in the attached composition.

One thing we're thinking of changing based on your comments so far — As you observed, currently you need a Resize Image to scale the image back up to the screensaver's expected size. We could change the wrap mode on the output image from "clamp" to "stretch" so you wouldn't need the Resize Image (and extra processing that it incurs). Assuming that doesn't break anything else.