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Jaymie commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as FFGL plugins

sandrobilbeisi, the only source code form will be the Vuo composition. When exporting the plugin, it goes straight from Vuo composition to compiled plugin, no C++ in between.

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Jaymie commented on jersmi's Discussion, “Using Parabox Make Mesh with Values

Brief explanation of texture coordinates. Other search keywords: texture mapping, UV mapping.

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Jaymie commented on Paul's Discussion, “Appending text

I see you already found this other discussion about appending text, and the proposal of adding an Append option to Save Data.

The attached composition demonstrates accumulating text with an Enqueue node, then writing it all to file when you click a button. (An alternative to the Enqueue node would be a feedback loop with Add to List and Hold List, similar to the vuo.list > Shift Squares example composition.)

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This seems to have been fixed already in our code under development for Vuo 2.0. But I'll leave the bug report open until you've had a chance to test the 2.0 beta release.

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eseftel — For After Rain, you do need to change texture to texture2D. (You can post the crash report if you want, but I doubt we'll fix this since the issue will be moot soon.) For Magic Whale, change gl_FragCoord/iResolution.xy to gl_FragCoord.xy/iResolution.xy.

Bodysoulspirit — Whatever the Shadertoy site shows in the iChannel slots, you have to put those images/videos/etc. into your Vuo composition for it to behave the same as on the site. You can download a package of Shadertoy input files here.