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As a secondary thought, it would be amazing if there was a user settable location where Vuo would also load up nodes from. This way a user could sync their node custom library across multiple machines via Dropbox.

DiGiTaLFX (@DiGiTaLFX) (or anyone else who'd like to customize the location where modules are installed) — would this solve your problem?

  • Place your Vuo Modules in your Dropbox folder.
  • Delete ~/Library/Application Support/Vuo/Modules
  • Open Terminal and create a symbolic link so that ~/Library/Application Support/Vuo/Modules redirects to your Dropbox subfolder.
  • Launch Vuo.

This procedure was quick to get working, and will work in the next release. Since it requires using Terminal it's not the most user-friendly solution. But before spending more time on it (making a Preferences dialog or whatnot), I wanted to check with y'all to see if that was important to you or if there are other things you'd prefer we spend our time on.

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Yep! If you share your composition in the gallery, we'll post the export there (time permitting, as I mentioned above). We've already exported Star Glow by @Scratchpole and Shadertoy compositions by @Bodysoulspirit.

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Workaround: Instead of Filter Control or Filter and Scale Control, you can use Get Control Values -> Are Equal, as in the attached composition.

I agree that it should be more obvious how to do an exact match instead of a partial match on the control name. Would people still want to do a partial match sometimes? That would affect our implementation.

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I haven't been able to reproduce this. Alastair (@usefuldesign), did I miss any steps?

Start with subcomposition with published ports:

Delete a published input port

Add a published input port of the same name back in:

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@DRDN, I'm glad you were able to find and delete the problematic node. If you still have the node, could you attach it to this bug report so we can figure out why Vuo crashed? In fact, it would help even more if you could provide all of the nodes you had installed, in case the problem involves multiple nodes.

(We tried turning this Flashes composition into a subcomposition but couldn't reproduce the problem.)

@Kewl, thanks for the suggestion about AppCleaner. It seems like a useful tool in general, although in this case AppCleaner missed the folders where the problematic node would have been installed (either User Modules or System Modules). We looked into how the Vuo app could inform AppCleaner about those locations and, not finding any documentation, have asked the developers.