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@jstrecker posted a new Community Spotlight, “Art of light and shadows by Xavier Boyaud

Art of light and shadows by Xavier Boyaud

"J’utilise la lumière et l’image comme matières premières dans mon travail de recherche et de création." ("I use light and image as raw materials in my work of research and creation.") This is how Xavier Boyaud — a self-taught visual artist, lighting designer, scenographer, and videographer — describes his work. Vuo is one of the tools that Xavier uses to sculpt light and image.

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@jstrecker commented on @dthietala's Question, “Node outdated or broken

No, you don't need to have files in your Modules folder. I just thought that, if you did, one of them might be causing the problem.

Were you able to find the Console application? Are there any messages from Vuo? (You may have to click "Show Log List" if the left sidebar isn't already revealed, and click "All Messages" in that sidebar.)

Are you running low on disk space? Vuo 1.1.x can give a "Node outdated or broken" error if there's not enough disk space to run the composition.

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@jstrecker commented on @dthietala's Question, “Node outdated or broken

@dthietala, you should be able to continue using Vuo 1.1.x with any compositions created in Vuo 0.9 through 1.1.x. If the compositions were created in earlier versions than Vuo 0.9, you may need to open them in Vuo 0.9 and save them before they can be used in Vuo 1.1.x.

Does the error message provide any information about which nodes are a problem?

Console is an application that comes with macOS. Just do a Spotlight search for "Console".

In Vuo, if you go to Tools > Open User Modules Folder and Tools > Open System Modules Folder, do you have any files in those folders? If so, try moving them out of those folders and restarting Vuo.

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@jstrecker posted a new Answer, “Answer to skip first event

It emits a sound on start if the event from Fire on Start reaches Is within Rectangle before the initial event from Receive Mouse Moves does, in which case Is within Rectangle outputs true and Became True lets the event through to Play Audio File. You can avoid this by inserting a Hold Value node to block the event from Fire on Start.