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That sounds like a different issue. Since the nodes cause CPU load to go down and events to be dropped, the bottleneck now is probably the GPU.

You could try the image filters one at a time to see which one is affecting performance the most. I'd guess the Blur with radius 16. If so, you could use Resize Image to reduce the amount of work that Blur has to do.

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We're working on some usability improvements for generic ports in Vuo 1.3, particularly the process involved in changing from one data type to another. I think they might solve your problem, Alastair (@usefuldesign). I'm tabling this feature request, and we can reevaluate it if needed after the improvements.

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Part 2 is already planned for Vuo 1.3.

I've opened this feature request for voting — for part 1, all cables at the same output are hidden.

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Dancers with disabilities paint with body movements at IMPACT Theatre

The hard work, dedication, and collaboration of 45 performers from the London metropolitan area culminated in four performances of the stage production Hyper. Hyper had multiple purposes: to provide an evening of entertainment and culture for audiences and to showcase the artistic and musical work of the performers, all of whom have learning disabilities. A highlight of the show was a dance piece in which performers painted projected imagery with their body movements, using skeletal tracking and graphics technology that included Vuo.