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@jstrecker commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “Cylindrical projection to fisheye

You could render the image onto the inside of a cylinder (Make Tube), then place a camera (Make Fisheye Camera) inside the cylinder.

Or maybe somebody's made a PBMesh file that maps from cylinder to fisheye, which you could use with Warp Image with Projection Mesh.

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@jstrecker commented on @Bodysoulspirit's Feature Request, “Scrollable Port Popups

Opened for voting. Thanks for the suggestion, @Bodysoulspirit.

(The yellow tooltips pop up if you hover over a port whose constant value is truncated, allowing you to see the full value, such as a long URL. They also pop up for published ports.)

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When Soundflower is installed, Vuo sees these options:

When you pick a device from Receive Live Audio's input editor, it matches based on the device model. However, both the 2- and 64-channel Soundflower devices have the same model number, so that will always choose the 2-channel version since it's listed first.

Since the models are the same but the names are unique, you can use Make Audio Input from Name to pick the 64-channel device. Example attached (64channel.vuo).


We installed and tested Loopback (in "true virtual mode", using audio from iTunes), and Vuo is successfully receiving audio data from it for us.

Could you post your Loopback configuration and Vuo composition? Or try with the settings we used. Here's what we tested with: