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@jstrecker commented on @jayeazy's Bug Report, “RTSP Not working on Dahua IP Cams

OK, this is a Vuo bug after all. Thanks for the additional info, @jayeazy.

We were able to reproduce the problem with another RTSP stream we found with a similar URL format (rtsp://public:public@hyc.homeip.net/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1). The problem occured because Vuo was telling FFmpeg to do something that didn't make sense for a streaming video (seek to a frame) and FFmpeg was getting befuddled.

I don't know of a workaround, unfortunately. We'll plan to have this fixed in the next release of Vuo.

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@useful design commented on @krezrock's Feature Request, “Export 3D Mesh

wow I disappeared down that rabbit hole for 30 minutes VJ SATOSHI (@vjsatoshi)!

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[@jersmi] Wondering if this will include anything like Kineme Spooky Send/Receive…

No. I think that's covered by another feature request, Super cables.

[Alastair (@usefuldesign)] So have you already implemented global, local and group sub-comps/nodes…

We have not yet implemented the feature request Option to edit sub-composition without affecting other instance.

We have implemented the "global" and "local" levels.

  • If a subcomposition is installed in ~/Library/Application Support/Vuo/Modules or /Library/Application Support/Vuo/Modules, then all compositions can use the subcomposition and all compositions see any changes to it. — same behavior as now
  • If a subcomposition is placed in a Modules folder next to a composition, then only that composition can see the subcomposition. Other versions of the subcomposition can be placed in Modules folders elsewhere in the filesystem and are not affected by the changes to the first one. — new behavior
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Alastair (@usefuldesign), you might have gotten your problem solved on another thread, but for anyone else with a similar question…

In this demo composition Getting the next item in a list in a process list cycle v 1.1.vuo I'm not getting the Process List node to cycle the list as I think it should.

To cycle the way you described, I would actually recommend using Take from List and Add List:

But as a mental exercise, here is how you could do it with Build List:

All values except for X (r), which is a constant for all cars, are to be recalculated every frame.

You may want to take a look at Magneson (@MartinusMagneson)'s PetriDish.vuo on this thread.