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Optimizing for video

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I am making a video experience which plays 2 videos, in sync and allows the audience to control the effects of them.

I'm using OSC and iOS devices to control them.

My question is about ways to optimize performance.

I chose Prores LT 720p for the video format. Is there any other codec I should consider? I don't think that the hard drive will be a bottleneck for this format, so I plan to run them both from the same hard drive.

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How to toggle a video effect?

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To toggle a video effect, currently I am using OSC to get a toggle value which returns a boolean True when on, False when off.

I want that toggle to enable the Posterize Image effect.

The only way I could think to do it is to send the Play Movie to both options of a Select Input. One passes through the effect first, one doesn't. I convert the boolean to integer with Scale, where True = 2 and False = 1. I use that to switch between the Select Input. It works, but is this the best way in terms of performance?

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Figured it out. First, List OSC Devices --> Specify OSC Input --> Receive OSC Messages.

Change the port in Specify OSC Input to the outgoing port in TouchOSC (default was 56708). Now the OSC connection stays alive after stopping and starting.

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Persistent OSC connection

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Currently I receive OSC from touch OSC on my iPhone. In vuo I use the receive Osc node and set device to auto.

When I run the comp I can select it in touch Osc and it works great.

However when I click on device on the Receive OSC Message node, I can select my iPhone - but it doesn’t pick up messages.

What a I missing?

It’s clear something can get through, but is it possible that my router is interfering with UDP? And if so, how can it see the device as an option, but nothing else?

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Thank you both. Of course the problem was I read pretty much no documentation but I went through some examples and was able to get it to work.

As far as the UI issue, all I can say is Vuo is much, much easier to get cool things going than Quartz Composer was for me. I was able to get multi screen video sync and OSC input without much trouble. Really fantastic stuff.