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Jaymie (@jstrecker) good point using Decode Movie Frame instead of Play Movie
Ok although I understand why the "Time" events have to be faster then the the "Set Target" it seems perhaps I don't fully understand if when composing.

For example I always wondered why a Hold Value or List higher in the flow combined lower with a Smooth with X with the same event rate never worked, is that the same problem ? So the same rate is not enough, it has to be faster right ? :

Ok so instead of making the time frame rate higher technically I could also lower the Live Input Frame Rate right (considering the window rate is high enough) ? :

But what I still don't understand with the Play Movie node is that when set to mirrored and I use the loudness to change the speed using a Change Speed node connected to the "Set Time" port it works :

But when using the "Playback Rate" instead of 'Set Time" when the movie reaches the end the composition Freezes, no more Events from nowhere, not even the window Requested Frame Output :

Bug or am I just not getting the same obvious thing again ? ;)

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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @allsol's Question, “Audio reactive movie file

Here are some things to get you started and play with, try changing the parameters to achieve your effect.
It won't work on the beat since while there is a beat detector (I strongly assume) that it will only work for music. So you could use the loudness of your voice instead.

a - Simple loop movie with speed on loudness :

b - Setting the movie on mirrored instead of loop with the rate changing would look better but on my computer when the movie reaches the end the composition freezes, maybe a bug or maybe i's just not supported and I'm doing it wrong :

c - You could try to use the Set Time port of the "Play Movie Node" here is to get you started :

PS of course don't forget the URL to your movie ;)

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No I don't know either why it is blinking. Perhaps due to some event cables, or a bug with the images on top.
Perhaps try with a Render Layers Ton Window instead, here with this method it does not flicker for me. May be better methods though.

PS : Put the vuo file in your same folder as the original one as it scans the folder WERKEN that has to be in the same folder as the file.