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Alastair (@usefuldesign) glad it already helps a bit.
Yes there is a 90° rotation on the Make 3D Object node.

Maybe using Smokris Reinterpret node there could be an even easier way to achieve this.
It was just a quick test and since I don't know anything about the whole openGL vertices triangles thing I have to play around ;)

Yes I see what you mean with giving points that would close and create a shape. Thinking almost vector design here. Maybe also linked to Feature Request SVG & PDF import

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For the "Requested Frame" going into Curve, Math (time ports) you can simply use the "Time" published port from the protocol mode !
I guess in protocol mode the "Fire at Display Refresh" would work too.

There are some specifications yes to protocol modes. For mouse interaction for example, see feature request and comments below at "Pointer Interaction" protocol. I guess it's the same for keyboard inputs.

I have no other specific example in mind, ask here if you need more help ;)

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Alastair (@usefuldesign) I agree !

  • Totally would love an easy way to create a shape on the fly using a point list too ! (personally usually plane 2D rather than 3D too).
  • Be able to choose fill color or image.
  • Be able to outline a 3D shape AND layer (For layers, maybe a node like "Add outline to layer".

On the Polygon node request you say you don't see your points mentioned in your merged Make a Polygon Mesh with Fill node request. I guess since Jaymie said they're merged, I may guess your points are merged too ?!

Specific sub-parts of the line options maybe will be treated separately as part of : Render smooth joints when using the "Make Line (Strip) Mesh" nodes ?

Using Parabox's Get Mesh Values node along with Smokris Reinterpret 3D object I tried to make a graph like thing. But it is pretty hard since you have to retrieve specific vertices, then merging lists again etc.

PS : remember if you want faster implementation, you can always ask the team for a price estimation for a request and hire them :

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Hi @faultya and welcome ;)

Of course you can render layers and scenes to images for protocol modes.
Simply replace the "Render Layers/Scene to Window" with "Render Layers/Scene to IMAGE" nodes.

For example, a simple composition in default non protocol mode would be turned into protocol mode like this (joining them as a .zip too to download).