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Mission Control switch composition window need 2 clicks


Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • Mac OS 10.11

How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●●○○ — It's annoying but I can work around it.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

When I use Mission Control with the trackpad (the same happens when using the mission control keyboard key though) to switch from the editor to the composition window I need to repeat it twice.

This however does happen only if I changed a port value. Not if I just add a new node on the canvas for example.

Joining a screencast of it.

Have you found a workaround?: 



Package icon Active Composition Window Bug.zip4.03 MB
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Finished playback output port on "Play Video File"

As mentionned here at Problem with List Files to speed would it be possible to add a "Finished Playback" output port on Play Movie File like on the Play Audio File node ?

It would be handy to know when to launch the next movie when one is done. Or is there another way to do that ? I came up with a method that compares the movie duration with the time frame but it's a little bulky.



Notes from Team Vuo

Vuo Pro: 

No — available with both Vuo and Vuo Pro licenses


●○○○ — Up to a few days of work


●○○ — Appeals to current community
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You are very right to take time to understand the things !
Yes of course you can load a list of videos instead of images.
Do the same as for the images, list a folder that contains the videos, and like in the "Load+Change Images 1.4" grab one item after the other and let them play.

The problem is to make the next play only when 1 is finished. I don't know if there is a particular reason the Play Movie node has no "Finished Playback" output port like Play Audio File, am gonna create a feature request.
As a workaround there is this a little bulky method, other better methods welcome.

Joining the composition below