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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @jersmi's Discussion, “Animating a butterfly

Maybe the joined composition is closer to what you're trying to achieve.

If you want more random movement on the join-the-clicked attractor thing you could try to insert some Brownian-like motion to it like Jaymie's example here : Add Brownian noise function to Make Gradient Noise although I think it already looks kinda natural.

PS : For people wanting to help you more on this I have removed the butterfly from the sub-composition, until local sub-compositions are implemented, having to instal & relaunch sub-compositions and update paths (you had the wings images in a folder on the desktop) just for testing is so time consuming.

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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @Zoltan's Discussion, “Before I buy ^^

Hey Zoltan,

Here is Jaymie's composition in Image Generator mode to import in VDMX with the Human Wireframe rotated to appear in front view, a light source and a rotating camera with some published ports that you should be able to control within VDMX.
You can of course publish the ports you'll need for the things you will wanna control.


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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @jungbas's Discussion, “Image Filter in VDMX


I’m not a VDMX user, but searching for VDMX here on the website led me to :

Does this helps you ? What do you mean with installing all filters ?


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Get List Item index when connecting list to single port

Branched from an idea by Magneson (@MartinusMagneson) on Add drawers to output ports right now when we connect a list to a non-list port we get :

• First Item
• Last Item
• Random Item
• And I guess when the "Allow List To Single Ports" will be implemented, the team will probably also add an "Iterate List" option.

The idea here would be to get also either a "Get Item at Index" that would have a sub-menu listing the indexes (may be a problem in the case of very very long lists) or better as Martinus suggested, a prompt that would allow us to enter an index value (integer).
This would avoid having to manually add "Get Item`nodes in between.



Notes from Team Vuo

Vuo Pro: 

No — available with both Vuo and Vuo Pro licenses


●○○○ — Up to a few days of work


●○○ — Appeals to current community
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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @cwilms-loyalist's Feature Request, “Add drawers to output ports

I don't see what you mean in the first part about nested lists.

But the second idea is really cool too ! A prompt that would automatically add a get index x item node ! Maybe even better if prompted on Right Click on the list output port instead ? Will create that feature request !

However, would both worlds be an issue ? I agree that a prompt would make output drawers almost obsolete in regular cases, but maybe some cases / persons would need it ?

Question to the team and the owner of this Feature Request : Maybe output lists should NOT have output drawers, but this feature request should rather be the implementation of a Create List Output Drawer node that could be attached to any output list ?

Maybe also, beside complete drawer collapse/expand or put below node as suggested by Thoughts On Drawers topic, double-clicking a port or port title would collapse/expand the port drawer only ? F.e. expand only the Dimmer list drawer ?
And maybe by default drawers should not be expanded to avoid such situations as above ?