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Mmm right now I can't think of an easy solution either.

But based on what do you want to order the layers ? Can you say a little more or show the composition ?
From your description (first on bottom and last on top) one could wanna think you just wanna reverse the list ? If yes there is reverse list that would work.

Another solution would have been to use the Make Dictionary and Get Items from Dictionary nodes with a custom number list, but those nodes only accept text as inputs. Which leads me to a question to the Vuo team, would it be much work to allow Make Dictionary to work with any kind of values ? Or should we create a feature request for it if possible but more work ?


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Jaymie (@jstrecker) thanks ;)

Yeah we had tried using Parabox's Average List node to smooth globally instead of per frequency, but I'm not so sure how that node smooths, but we could not come up with an as smooth effect as the smooth with durations.
Cant's wait to be able to smooth lists using "Iteration Allow Ports to Accepts List" Feature Request one day though ;)

But clever to use a built list node to automatically create the rainbow colors, did not think of it. Thanks

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@cymaspace and I ended up tuning the composition using Quad Layers instead of Parabox's Make Mesh With Values but it still requires Paradox's great Make Graph Node

Joining the update, if anybody sees other improvements, always welcome ;)

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@sboas glad it helps ;)

Next update will include a finished output event port on the Play movie node : Finished playback output port on "Play Video File"

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Jaymie (@jstrecker) thanks for the expression explanation and the hold value tip again ;) !