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1 year ago
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carlitos commented on jens's Feature Request, “remember Editor size and position

Yes... i would suggest saving position and size per composition... and/or an editable default size and position for new compositions

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carlitos commented on jvolker's Feature Request, “Option to temporarily disable/turn off nodes


I would consider option 3 And see this as a “mute” or “bypass” - where input signal passes through unaffected Switching it on and off then lets you quickly see the difference, with or without what the node does

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send windows to specific (one of multiple) monitors and then go fullscreen

Hi all ;-)

use case :- switching windows to fullscreen, when using 2 to 4 screens showing various bits of the composition on each, sometimes as one single canvas across all outputs... (using Mac mini + sonnet egpu, Mojave, Vuo 2.0beta2 <= but this issue appears to be the same in Vuo 1.2)

  • so the logic seems to be, for a window to go fullscreen on a specificitic monitor, it needs to already be positioned on that monitor AND be active (selected), - then it goes full screen on that monitor when it gets a fullscreen true property..