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    3 years ago
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    appending list

    Hi I am making a composition that maintains a list. So when the comp runs the goal is to be able to fill out a form, and add these values as new rows to an existing list.

    I am having trouble in appending the list on a new row - instead the appended data is being added to an existing row and not starting a new one - which is what I would expect.

    Any ideas on how to force a new row, each time the form is filled out??

    Appreciate any help


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    carlitos commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Lists within lists

    yes, also running into this, when parsing xml... voted

    related: I'd like to sort lists on (attributes of) nested elements... We can then run 'layered dynamic content' into a composition when importing (or refreshing) xml from a database (with users interacting in real time via the web to drive content to our vuo app... exciting ;-)