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1 year ago
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interchanging different versions of nodes in differing versions of Vuo

Hi guys... enjoying tons of success in Vuo 2 (2.0beta2) - awesome!!

So I have been updating a number of compositions to Vuo2, and ask myself to what extent I can copy paste nodes form old compositions into Vuo 2

par example... "render image to window" , which had multiple Set window property ins (which I kind of miss...) I can paste the version 1 node into Vuo 2 and it runs ok - while it (logically) does not appear in the node library in Vuo2.

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carlitos posted a new Discussion, “incorporating shaders into composition

incorporating shaders into composition


So i'm looking to add my own (modified) shader into a composition - which runs perfectly by itself. However, the objective is to run a shader and feed it parameters from other parts of my composition (audio and midi inputs)... But loading the shader into a composition - I'm getting pretty consistent crashes (in vuo2). Any suggestions? Carlitos

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carlitos commented on Jean Marie's Newsletter, “Vuo 2.0 beta is here!

love it love it love - this is truly awesome and we so incredibly appreciate all your work on vuo. the ISF features... very cool.. delving deeper and updating my compositions THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN !! you guys rock

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Thanks Joe, got it working, perfect. I have also used a Datapath, and agree with you, they're really robust... But I do wish they'd make a mac version of the config software. thanks again!