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    Ok, thanks. As you mention Vuo going from OpenGL to Metal, is there any aprox. timeline on this? I still cannot run Vuo on my laptop due to this submitted bug two years ago: https://vuo.org/node/2209 ( I have to create stuff on my desktop and than pre-record the compositions for my vj session turning them into QT, so Im loosing all the real time interactivity) So I'm still waiting for the solution for this. I have been told that would be probably solved by moving to Metal. Would that be any update soon?

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    kokot posted a new Bug Report, “Different behaviour of 3D nodes in vuo 2

    Different behaviour of 3D nodes in vuo 2

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    ●●●○ — It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

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    Has the behaviour of the 3d nodes changed in vuo2? For example 'Spike 3d object' in vuo1 reads the texture correctly and when the effect is applied it spikes the object with the texture applied. But in vuo2 the same composition doesn't 'recognize' the texture the same way and even with the value 0 in 'Spike effect' it doesnt load it. When I take the effect out, it's fine. Is this the way it's meant to work? Or has something been changed? First 2 photos are from vuo1 composition and second 2 from the same composition but ran in vuo2.


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    After installing the latest version of vdmx updated for use with vuo 2, vdmx kept crashing constantly, i couldn't even open it. So I tried to move the whole vuo folder to another destination and out of sudden it opened. Than with manual relinking one by one I isolated all the vuo files that made vdmx crash and found out that all of them had in common 'Make fisheye camera' node. After taking that node out I was able to open vdmx again. It worked fine for like one afternoon, I re-opened and closed it for a few times, but than ouf of sudden I couldn't open it again. Every time i try to open vdmx, it freezes. So i took out some 3rd party nodes(karlhenkel) from my vuo compositions (just in case, even though before they were not giving problems) and I was able to open vdmx few times and than nothing again. I passed the same files (vdmx/vuo) to my laptop too and same thing, it wouldn't open. I don't know whats going, there is something strange with Make fisheye camera node maybe? Is anybody else experiencing same problems too? I have all of my vuo files updated as it was recommended and replaced all the deprecated nodes with the new ones.

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    Yes, same thing here. I'm casting all my votes on this one since 2015. Would be nice to be able implement all my Blender animations. dae, obj? Any news?

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    Hi Christian, thanks a lot, I just wasn't 100% sure