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Thank you! I've tried a bit, but think I was stumbling across unrelated stupidity on my end. The instanceFini which I completely forgot about threw me for a loop for some time. Got it to work-ish, but not production ready for the test I had in mind.

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I'll try when I get the chance! Maybe tuesday if it isn't too late. We have the ultra studio mini rec for the macs.

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Instance data explanation

Hi! Diving ever deeper down the rabbit hole.

I've been working with making a LED wall specific node set. One part of this I'm trying out is splitting images, crop them and shove them into layers. As crop isn't a native function, but a shader, I've been trying to merge a couple nodes into one. However, by making a function to crop rather than stuffing the shader part in the main node, I've stumbled across something I have dreaded a bit to get to (understand); the node instance data/event thingy.

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Magneson commented on Kewl's Discussion, “Optimizing calculations on lists

I would guess it's slower since you're running multiple nodes/processes serially-but-also-paralell-kinda(?) inside a Process List node. In comparison the calculate list would only run through its calculations without having to consider the other nodes and synchronisation before outputting a value to the item.

If it is an issue with one of the calculations taking a longer time than the rest, you can possibly try to remove one of the calculations at a time. If it improves efficiency you can take the worst culprit and split it to see if it helps.

Addressing value.x/y/z/w inside both the calculate and the calculate list node would be great though.

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Magneson commented on Chris's Feature Request, “Add drawers to output ports

It might be me doing loops in my head, but if you imagine the inputs of the node being the outputs of a nested list (which we'll hopefully have sometime), it can get messy fast.

Collapsing drawers would be neat! I also like the idea of hidden by default. Then I wouldn't really care