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bLackburst posted a new Discussion, “How do i sample colour from a layer?

How do i sample colour from a layer?

I'm trying to make a basic colour picker ui and am trying to use the "sample color from image" node. I've seen the example for this node but my colours will be on a layer, so i think I need to use "receive mouse drags on layer"... but I can't get my head around the coordinates not lining up. Has anyone got any tips?

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bLackburst commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Insert node between other nodes

Can I add a suggestion to this feature request? To be able to insert/drop a node not only on a cable but an output port. I constantly find myself wanting a "share" node just after an output, once I've realised how many places it needs to go. It then becomes my live-patching "hub" where I can plug other things in and see the difference.

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bLackburst posted a new Feature Request, “Reveal Hidden Cables With Hover

Reveal Hidden Cables With Hover

Reveal a ghosted version of hidden cable connections when you hover over port with hidden cables. Shouldn't need to unhide and rehide just to check where they are connected.


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This has been very helpful Jaymie, thank you. But how have you managed to take an event only cable from the play movie node and plug it into the fire port of the process list? I'm trying to replicate it from scratch and can't manage it, can't find anything in the manual about event only cables. EDIT: Ok, I found it. Hold option when dragging. I think I might have had a dodgey keyboard when I tried every modifier under the sun.