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Thank you very much for the informative help!

Best Citizen Caine

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Custom Grids


I have a beginner's question here. I recently purchased Vuo and I'm working my way through everything and got stuck on this "Custom Grids" tutorial.

In the end it says as follows: By the addition of another Make Points along Curve and a Spread List Item Groups to this, it is expandable to a 3D grid as well!

I really tried many variations and get stuck here how to get this on the z-axis in the depth?

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Shadertoy probs

Dear Community,

I find the Shadertoy node very interesting but I definitely have some problems with most of the Shadertoy compositions. They usually stay black although I use the workarounds here in the discussion board.

An example like this one, which I would really like to use: In the appendix is the Vuo composition with the noise texture.

Maybe someone from you can explain to me what else needs to be changed in the code? Thank you very much for your effort in advance.