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    thanks for replying. as i read here, it is possible to integrate a vuo app in xcode code. then it should be possible to route vuo inputs to exact ffgl inputs. do you know where i can find a good start point for this way?

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    FFGL Inputs

    Hi community,

    i build a few compositions with VUO, which work great in Resolume 7.11 on M1 Macs. I am just missing usefull Input Options.

    For example:
    Color Input (the Resolume One)
    Multi Text Line

    and most important:
    Switch / List (where i can edit the text and values)

    It seems it is not integrated yet, so i am trying with VUO.SDK and QT / VSC to build a new Node for that. But is that possible what i want?

    Thanks in advance