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Today I walked out of the apple store with the cheaper of the 2 blackmagic eGpus.

Compatible with Mac with Thunderbolt 3 ports Radeon Pro 580 graphics processor with 8GB of GDDR5 memory

At first glance my comps look a bit smoother to the eye, not the mega difference I was expecting but noticeable. Will definitely report back as I play with it a little more. Wondering if I should upgrade to mojave, could I get better results?

I’ll also get a chance to try the more expensive egpu, they don’t keep those in stock unfortunately:( Wonder if I can daisy chain the two? Anyway I’m looking forward to that one even more.

If anyone’s has any interesting tests they’d like me to do let me know. I won’t have long ;)

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I'm getting much better results parsing the data by splitting the text than processing two X and Y lists and merging them. Up to almost 15fps which is ideal. Thanks again Bodysoulspirit

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GeorgeToledo I agree. Did you ever experiment with this 6 camera setup, would love to see ;)

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Thanks Kewl, it's really the inside Vuo stuff that I'm thinking about, how one would capture a 3d scene to wrap a cube without weird distortions and misalignments. Would you build a kind of 6 camera setup? and how would that stitch together? What if the room wasn't perfectly cubed? Could we maybe stitch two 180degree fisheye cameras together and somehow use that to build the texture map?

Not sure but possibly something to do with this thread....