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Thanks for this, haven't managed to check it out yet as I'm still in the process of hacking the xbox windows cable ;(

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This looks great!

Any chance you could share these 2 nodes as I can only see them on git hub and don't know how to compile them.

Node not installed — Make Mesh with Values (co.parabox.mesh.make) Node not installed — Get Mesh Values (co.parabox.mesh.get)

Thanks a lot!

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Still really struggling with this. I just can't get it to work perfectly, I can get all the keyframe data and appear to be reading it in vuo. The ball just keeps bouncing around and I don't know why. Argggghhh

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Hey Jaymie,

Thanks for getting back to me. I've literally been trying to get this to work all day, I'm close but somethings not quite right and I'm not sure what it is. I'm thinking it's something to do with the different coordinate systems between After Effects and VUO but I'm guessing.

PICTURE 1+2 I've shot some 30FPS footage on my iPhone 6 (FOV 73degrees) to test with. I've taken it into after effects and 3d tracked the footage. That's given me some keyframes for the cameras positional and orientation data. I've managed to copy these keyframes and have built 2 csv files for the positional and orientational data :) I've also marked a null point (white circle) on the floor in my footage and copied its AE positional data so I can put my vuo object in its place.

In theory I should be able to replicate the same scene and camera motion now.

PICTURE 3 In vuo I've brought my clip in I've added an object (wireframe sphere) into the scene and positioned it in the same place as my null in after effects. I've fetched the tables and and linked them to a vuo perspective cameras position and rotation and made sure the items in my list are running at the 30fps (same as my footage).

For some reason it's just not working quite right, the balls floating and I'm just not sure why? If anyone has any suggestions or can help make this work I'd really love to know. I've uploaded all my files (clip, csv, vuo and AE) if anyone fancies the challenge.

Much appreciated, Mario

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