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Distance and rotation between two 3d points

I want to have a text image stretch between 2 3d points in space. when the points are further away the text will be bigger, when they're closer the text will be smaller.

The only way I could think of and it's probably not the best was to find the mid point to link the image to and introduce some sort of scale factor to make the image bigger or smaller based on the distance between the 2 points.

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Joe I've got the cable now :) and the free version of NI_Mate.

Struggling a little to get this comp up and running though and wondering if I'm missing something silly?

Ni-mate is showing me an output from my sensor so I know thats working, I've checked the skeleton tracking feature and all my ports are 7000. Is there anything I'm missing, I'm pretty sure I have all the osc message boxes ticked? I'm also running macOSX High Sierra with Vuo 1.2.7 if that'll make a difference. Thanks

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Finally getting back around to this, very excited. Just ordered this cable from eBay, hope its the one I need!

T. R. A. C. K. I. N. G.

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marioepsley commented on Citizen-Caine's Discussion, “Custom Grids

This is really cool! is there a way I wonder to go about randomising each image?

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marioepsley commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Add support for Oculus Rift VR headset

aaaah I understand, thanks for the response. The rift would still blow some minds.

I wonder though, the ability to export to iPhone app vs rift? Being able to get compositions on the app store would open a world of opportunities, as with a vr experience :)