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Open bug reports: 54
Closed bug reports: 255
Last updatedsort ascending Title Severity Bug in Fixed in OS version Status
3 weeks ago Barcode Issues (Specifically DataMatrix's getting read incorrectly) ●●○○ 1.2.6-alpha2 macOS 10.12 Accepted
1 month ago Freeze when changing `Play Movie` playback rate in mirror mode 1.2.6 Accepted
3 months ago Crash fetching large images ●●●○ 1.2.6 macOS 10.13 Accepted
4 months ago OBJ reading ●●●○ 1.2.6 macOS 10.12 Accepted
4 months ago Vuo crash with 10.11.6 + NVIDIA 9400M 1.2.6 Mac OS 10.11 Accepted
5 months ago Smooth Scrolling for the Canvas & the Node Library 1.2.6 Accepted
5 months ago Crash always when changing input data type to Vuo Audio Tempo Range ●●●○ 1.2.6 Mac OS 10.11 Accepted
7 months ago Open Recent Menu is dropping my compositions ●○○○ 1.2.6-alpha2 Mac OS 10.10 Waiting for more information from reporter
7 months ago Patterns in 'Make Noise Image' output for certain seeds 1.2.6 Accepted
7 months ago Inconsistent video input size ●●●○ 1.2.5 Mac OS 10.10 Accepted
7 months ago Warp image node number parsing bug. ●●○○ 1.2.6 macOS 10.12 Accepted
7 months ago VuoCompiler isn't compiling subcomps that have changed ●●○○ 1.2.6 Mac OS 10.11 Accepted
7 months ago Add Noise to 3D Object Coordinates Issue ●●●○ 1.2.6 Mac OS 10.11 Accepted
8 months ago API documentation says library file extension is optional, but it's actually required Accepted
8 months ago Make Parametric Grid Mesh node doesn't conform to documentation ●●●○ 1.2.5 macOS 10.12 Accepted
8 months ago Reaktor Poly OSC freeze ●●●○ 1.2.5 Mac OS 10.11 Waiting for more information from reporter
9 months ago Vuo prevents to choose audio devices with the same name ●●●○ 1.2.5 Mac OS 10.11 Accepted
9 months ago split text separator widget input bug ●●●○ 1.2.6-alpha1 macOS 10.12 Waiting for more information from reporter
9 months ago Saving Composition to Node Library does not update relative file paths or copy files 1.2.0 Mac OS 10.9 Accepted
10 months ago Auto type-convertor bug ●○○○ 1.2.5 macOS 10.12 Accepted
10 months ago 'Render Image to Window' doesn't render image if less than 4px in height 1.2.5 Accepted
11 months ago Too long Tree Port Popover ●○○○ 1.2.6-alpha1 Mac OS 10.11 Accepted
12 months ago Nodes with two list-inputs set to Colors are a mile long ●●○○ 1.2.5 macOS 10.12 Accepted
1 year ago Text layers don't scale like other layers. ●●●○ 1.2.2 Mac OS 10.11 Accepted
1 year ago Save to Movie duplicates or skips frames ●●●○ 1.2.3 Mac OS 10.11 Accepted