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Open bug reports: 95
Closed bug reports: 430
Last updatedsort ascending Title Severity Bug in Fixed in OS version Status
1 month ago Cycle through list outputting inconsistent data ●●●○ 2.3.2 macOS 10.14 Accepted
1 month ago Cable missing alignment with large number of published ports ●●○○ 2.3.2 macOS 10.14 Accepted
1 month ago Clicking ESC after rename published port crashes Vuo ●●○○ 2.3.2 macOS 10.14 Accepted
1 month ago Pressing ESC while renaming Node CRASHES Vuo ●●○○ 2.3.2 macOS 11 Accepted
1 month ago Visible node intersection oddness for nodes with drawers 2.3.2 macOS 11 Accepted
2 months ago Pasting in nodes does not reset scrollable area ●●○○ 2.3.2 macOS 11 Accepted
2 months ago Sporadic crash when quitting with a subcomposition and parent composition open 2.3.2 Accepted
2 months ago List Screens reports empty names ●●●○ 2.3.2 macOS 11 Accepted
2 months ago Make Image from Web page breaks for width > 1024 ●●●○ 2.3.2 macOS 11 Accepted
3 months ago Y Mouse Coordinate on Multiple screens seems wrong. ●●●○ 2.3.1 macOS 10.15 Accepted
3 months ago Vuo-Made FCPX Transition Won't Render in Compressor ●●○○ 2.3.0 macOS 10.15 Accepted
3 months ago Error when running a composition with a node specialized to a custom port type 2.3.2 Accepted
3 months ago Play Movie/Audio nodes do not work in subcompositions ●●○○ 2.3.0 macOS 10.14 Accepted
4 months ago Custom nodes can't use run-path-dependent dynamic libraries (@rpath) 2.3.2 Accepted
4 months ago audio failure with apple TV ●●●○ 2.3.0 macOS 11 Accepted
4 months ago compiler error including opencv (or just cmath) Accepted
4 months ago composition crashes after saving ●●○○ 2.2.1 macOS 10.15 Waiting for more information from reporter
5 months ago Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies node could be off ●●○○ 2.3.0 macOS 10.14 Accepted
5 months ago Multiple `Make Toggle Buttons` in the same composition may render erratically 2.3.0 Accepted
6 months ago Need advice on tracking App hang after many days of runtime :-) ●●●○ 2.2.1 macOS 10.15 Accepted
6 months ago Vuo trailer not visible on M1 MacBook Air ●○○○ 2.2.0 macOS 11 Accepted
7 months ago Time from both display refresh and timestamp from video cause thread-split ●○○○ 2.2.1 macOS 10.15 Accepted
8 months ago RTSP Stream stops playing after a moment Accepted
8 months ago Packaging (refactoring) a node with an unspecialized generic port results in a non-working subcomposition ●●○○ 2.2.1 macOS 10.12 Accepted
9 months ago `Save Frames to Movie` and `Save Images to Movie` audio and video become out-of-sync when resuming recording 2.2.0 Accepted