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Open bug reports: 55
Closed bug reports: 393
Last updated Title Severity Bug in Fixed insort ascending OS version Status
1 year ago Aligned Changing Text Moving Mac OS 10.11 Accepted
1 month ago `Save Frames to Movie` and `Save Images to Movie` audio and video become out-of-sync when resuming recording 2.2.0 Accepted
7 months ago UI language not determined by preferred language ●●○○ 2.0.2 macOS 10.15 Accepted
4 years ago Very slow performance for certain graphics on certain ATI and AMD GPUs ●●●○ 1.2.1 Mac OS 10.11 Accepted
4 months ago 'Is Time of Day After' problem ●●○○ 2.1.2 macOS 10.15 Accepted