We’re a small company developing Vuo from the ground up. We want to get Vuo into your hands as soon as possible, but each device and protocol will require a significant amount of development time to get working.

We'd like you, the Vuo community, to decide which devices and protocols Vuo will work with first —

  • Please Vote on the top 5 devices/protocols that you would like to see Vuo work with first.
  • After you vote, you'll be able to see the current voting results.
  • We will incorporate as many devices and protocols as possible into the Vuo public beta.
  • After the first release, we will continue to implement the devices and protocols that the Vuo community prioritizes.

Thanks for helping bring Vuo to fruition.

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Also I'd like a fully

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Also I'd like a fully operational Tablet node. The tablet patch in QC is buggy, output co-ords can go into jitter causing buttons to flicker if you click on the edge of them. I reported a bug but cwight said it was difficult to fix because of dependancies elsewhere. Bonus points for knowing if the stylus is up=side down in erase more which the Apple patch doesn't ;-)

Thanks, everyone, for your

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Thanks, everyone, for your feedback.

tobyspark and Alastair — Of course, every feature takes significant time to implement. We'd love to eventually support all of the above features; our intent for this poll is to prioritize them. (We can't implement everything listed here before releasing the first beta, since that would delay its release by a few years, which would be pretty uncool.)