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keithlang commented on ooftv's Discussion, “How to toggle a video effect?

I wonder this too.

Jean Marie Does Vuo know not to run video through the Posterize node if, downstream, it's not used? I know Quartz Composer used bottom-up rendering to achieve this efficiency.

In any case, you can avoid this particular problem by structuring so you use a Choose Output instead, and use a Select Latest node to, well, take only the latest and greatest.

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ooftv posted a new Discussion, “Optimizing for video

Optimizing for video

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I am making a video experience which plays 2 videos, in sync and allows the audience to control the effects of them.

I'm using OSC and iOS devices to control them.

My question is about ways to optimize performance.

I chose Prores LT 720p for the video format. Is there any other codec I should consider? I don't think that the hard drive will be a bottleneck for this format, so I plan to run them both from the same hard drive.

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alexmitchellmus posted a new Feature Request, “Middle click move canvas

Middle click move canvas

Currently we can move the canvas while pressing space-LMB.

I would like to move the canvas with MMB.

Having a mouse with a physical scroll wheel is inexpensive, and all are fully compatible with macOS.

I suggest we keep the space bar canvas move, but add ability to move canvas.

Other macOS software allows MMB to move, looke at Affinity Photo, and there are many more examples.

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ooftv posted a new Discussion, “How to toggle a video effect?

How to toggle a video effect?

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To toggle a video effect, currently I am using OSC to get a toggle value which returns a boolean True when on, False when off.

I want that toggle to enable the Posterize Image effect.

The only way I could think to do it is to send the Play Movie to both options of a Select Input. One passes through the effect first, one doesn't. I convert the boolean to integer with Scale, where True = 2 and False = 1. I use that to switch between the Select Input. It works, but is this the best way in terms of performance?

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alexmitchellmus commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Super cables

I like the idea of showing the variable name. As it would be confusing otherwise.

Dunno if it's trying to pack too much into a port however. As we also need to be able to set the value type.

But that would be a question to Team Vuo.

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keithlang commented on alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Super cables

Here'a another take, where it takes the form of compact node.

I like this version more, because it means there could be a node for 'broadcast' and 'receive' (or 'listen') that makes it easier for new users to discover. However, when attached, this becomes one of these compact nodes, which is neater. I'd propose making the compact Send/Receive show the right-click menu on regular click as well.

This functionality can also be made available on right-click of a port, where the user can select correctly-typed variables. This would be the faster way to access this functionality.

In the case this order of flow produces an error, then it would be nice for the UI to prompt to insert Spin Off node. Or at least offer that helpful tip.

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And to answer your q, "Isn't that already handled by Option-drag?" — Option+drag selects both nodes and cables.

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keithlang commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “Variables, ie. Broadcast and Receive nodes

I mocked something up over there, lets see if we're converging.



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