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mic commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

+1 for your marvelous plan, and also for the crowdfunding-like model.

I add a proposal. Obviously most of the actual FR can only be added by Vuo team, as they are structural changes to the framework. But, some of the FR are “just” new nodes, sometimes porting of existing C libraries, and I think that could be implemented even by more skilled users writing them with C, without waiting for a “official” implementation by Vuo team. For example, although I don’t consider myself a skilled C programmer, but neither a newbie, waiting for a future “ML based background subtraction” implementation I’m trying to port this library to a node to achieve a classic way to do it. I'd love to learn better how to deal with errors and issues I meet in this effort. So, I think that in the roadmap could find space the goal to create a better documentation on C node programming, that actually is based on an old video tutorial, some useful but essential reference in the manual and some hints in the forum. Perhaps this would allow Vuo to evolve quickly also thanks to autonomous programmers. This old (not very popular I admit) FR is something goes in this direction.

Just my 2 cents. A great thanks anyway for all your efforts.


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Luiz André Gama commented on Joe's Composition, “Recursive Random Tree 3d lines

This is all very cool!!! :)

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

Jaymie, does the roadmap include sometimes smaller in-between updates with smaller feature requests to keep us excited ?
Sometimes waiting so many months for bigger updates feels so long :(

Magneson absolutely!
Was going to write the same !

I asked a while back for feature requests to display an estimated funding price.
I could imagine spending some dollars for smaller requests alone, but being able to crowdfund stuff would definitely be cool !
Pay money, and get refunded if the total crowdfunding price isn’t reached within a certain amount of time !

Found that discussion where I asked about the funding prices of feature requests here : Display funding cost of feature requests with Jean Marie's answer.
Would it be in our hands, us the Vuo users, to create some crowdfundings on some crowdfunding websites (although fine-tuned estimations would be needed maybe, ranging from 300 $ to 1800 $ is a bit too wide for a crowdfunding) ? Or could there be some money pools here on the Vuo Website ?

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Magneson commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

Sounds great!

I would love to see a UDP/TCP/Networking implementation ( as it would open up for more cross platform/application usage while waiting for proper cross platform support. I understand this might be a bit niche for most though.

Seeing that you do a lot of other work to finance Vuo, it would be interesting to see what it would cost to pay for the different feature requests. What would be cool would be the possibility to give an amount/chipping in towards getting the features implemented. Ideally, if the TCP/UDP one estimated to take a few day cost $1000 to implement, users would be able to give for instance $10 now and then until it's fully financed, or it has gained enough votes along with some financing that it gets viable to get done.

I know this could be a bit daunting as I expect it would be an estimated amount of hours, which could bite you in the behind if the estimation is incorrect. Or it would generate too much overhead from a managing perspective. Your thoughts on such a financing model would be interesting at least.

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Joëlle commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

Thanks for this update! I agree with the order of goals and features and don't have anything to add. It's also a good reminder that paid support is available, will keep this in mind.

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Luiz André Gama commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

This is great!!! Thanks for the work guys.

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Jaymie commented on Jaymie's Discussion, “Plan for next releases

Will the Metal implementation include Shadows from Lights

Vuo 2.5.0 won't — adding Metal by itself is already plenty of graphics-related changes for one release — but maybe we should move shadows into Vuo 2.6.0 and bump particles down to 2.7.0, since shadows has more votes.

As for FX plug support

We did already promise FxPlug 4 in Vuo 2.4.0, so I would hesitate to go back on that. Other than updating NDI, it's the last piece needed for Vuo to fully support Apple Silicon.

I assume you'll update to the newest NDI at some point soon too.

Yep. We're still waiting for NDI 5 to be released, but it should come in time for Vuo 2.4.0.

How does rewriting Vuo for Metal effect the cross-platform goals?

Our plan is to switch to a graphics abstraction layer that can use Metal on macOS and (eventually) the native graphics APIs on other platforms.

Any idea where Code sign and notarize fills in here

Since that feature request doesn't have as many votes and voters as others such as animated meshes and iteration, we're thinking it would come sometime after those. One other factor that we'd consider for this feature request is ongoing maintenance — keeping our code up to date as Apple changes their requirements for codesigning and notarization. For now, people creating apps or screen savers could hire the Vuo team or another developer to sign and notarize them. (Keep in mind that this also requires a $99/year Apple Developer membership.)

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Jaymie commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Load and play animated 3D meshes

There's a tentative plan for this feature request and other high-voted requests in this discussion.



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