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Paul commented on Paul's Feature Request, “Image translate

Here's a demo of a shader based image translate, only showing wrapping cases, which should be optional for each axis. I guess it assumes texture coordinate clamp rather than wrap.

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Paul posted a new Feature Request, “Image translate

Image translate

Unless I've missed it, I don't see an image translate node. Normally it might add black or transparency to the portion of the image that is missing after translation, in that sense it can probably normally (if messy) be achieved with a cropping and letterboxing. However, for those users dealing with 360 images/video (increasingly common) a horizontal translate requires wrapping. Again one can achieve this messily with the tiling node. In both cases an image translate would be "nice".

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Paul commented on Paul's Bug Report, “vuo.image.equi.fisheye

Slightly relevant, the "roll" input is not really necessary since one can rotate the output fisheye image instead. :-)

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Paul posted a new Bug Report, “vuo.image.equi.fisheye



Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • macOS 10.13

How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●●○○ — It's annoying but I can work around it.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

This is not "exactly" a bug, but something that limits the usefulness of the new vuo.image.equi.fisheye node. First, thanks for adding this and I've tested it and it performs identically to my shader versions, which is to be expected. However ... the order of rotations is an issue. "Normally" one would want to tilt (latitude), then pan (longitude, about the poles) and then roll. When I suggested the order before perhaps there was some misunderstanding or misdirection on my part, because the order as implemented is the opposite, probably because the order in a shader should be the opposite to which one normally things because it involves a reverse mapping from output vector to input. But, ideally one would be able to choose the order, but I'm not sure how this might be implemented. This applies to the order of rotations of 3D vectors in other nodes as well.

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Paul posted a new Discussion, “iMouse in ShaderToy shader
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Paul commented on Paul's Discussion, “iTime in shader

This issue "went away"? Strange.

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Mmm. A list of clickable items you wanna scroll.
Here joined is a basic mockup / skeleton that can maybe already help.
A first windows displays the items of the first column, not scrollable with the mouse, but with up / down arrow keys.
And you hit the "return" keyboard key to display the values of the row corresponding to the selected column item on the second window.

A list of clickable & mouse scrollable items I let other answer if they know an easy method, not saying it's not possible, but perhaps a bit above my skills. Plus it's some more work, sounds like a whole program ;)

Maybe link or join some mockups / screenshots / QC files / videos of your ideas and in QC accomplished things, may help others to grasp the idea more.

PS: are you French ? François sounds like a French name, I speak French too.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on marcorexo1's Discussion, “Refactor this composition

Hi ;) Great job already !
Here is how I would do it, a version with less nodes & cables.

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marcorexo1 posted a new Discussion, “Refactor this composition

Refactor this composition

HI - I'm learning Vuo and liking it as well as the great videos in support.

I've created a composition ( EnterNumber.vuo ) that asks the user to enter a number and displays it onto the console window. My feeling is that my composition need improving as I've used some nodes inefficiently such as 'append text' or added some that might not be required such as 'allow first event'.

Could someone upload a more efficient/effective version?

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Hello, Thank you for your reply. I think I understood the method to solve my problem of ";". I had begun to dig this approach. (replacing ";" by ",") but i have not the "table from text " reflex yet. :D

Regarding, the live coding, OK.

Regarding what I expect from Vuo ... retrieve tables from a spreadsheet, containing list of names already sorted (via a number, for example: all the names associated with the number "1" are in the form of a table. I export this one in csv and that I display directly in vuo. or scrolling (curve patch) down the list vertically at a given speed. (depends of what i have decided in amount of project) and to be even more reactive, display in a first window of control and control "interactive" (via buttons or clickable areas) of Vuo, these data. And displaying in a second Vuo window the data that has just been clicked.

Basically, I create an interface for controlling and driving data (names) in a first Vuo window. These will appear in a second window Vuo broadcast live. the csv file serves me as a database.

cherry on the cake: remote via osc

watch a sport on TV, and all the registrations made (score, substitutions, faults, credits etc etc) what I want to reproduce ... I have already achieve this with QC ... but I find myself now limited by the compatibility of certain patches with OS or hardware ... (for example "Climb window" patch no longer works on my MBPR 2015 with a radeon GPU ... or I have lag problems on some animations ... the composition being heavy or greedy resources ...)

if the subject seems interesting to you, let's talk about it. ;)

i'm sorry if my explanations are flood, and for my bad english...




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