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Thank you! I've tried a bit, but think I was stumbling across unrelated stupidity on my end. The instanceFini which I completely forgot about threw me for a loop for some time. Got it to work-ish, but not production ready for the test I had in mind.

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I'll try when I get the chance! Maybe tuesday if it isn't too late. We have the ultra studio mini rec for the macs.

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The workaround should include:

  • Change iTime to iGlobalTime

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hi Jaymie (Jaymie (@jstrecker))

thanks for the reply, I'm using macOS 10.12.6 on a MacMini 2012. yes after download I moved Vuo to 'Applications' folder. I just made a folder 'Vuo' inside 'Applications' and moved Vuo into 'Applications/Vuo/' quit and relaunch Vuo, problem solved! it seems 'move it to a different folder' fixed it. thanks for the help!

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@ayrtbh, sorry for the trouble. What macOS version are you using? After you downloaded the app, did you move it to a different folder? If not, does it help if you quit Vuo, move Vuo to a different folder, and launch it again?

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I have the same problem, every time I launch Vuo it asks me to activate again, not only happens after computer reboot but every time Vuo is launched. And yes it happens on the first computer I activated, by far no problem on second activated computer. The first computer is also a MacMini 2012 running 10.12.6, the second one is a MacBook Air 2014 running 10.13.4

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How is this coming along? I've tried using various Fragment Shader from the Shadertoy website (editing them with the workaround), but without success: I always end up with a black screen. Thanks.

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It works! Thanks @Bodysoulspirit it's a really detailed reply!

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@jersmi commented on @jersmi's Discussion, “Parametric expression variables?

For this particular math, maybe the hot-off-the-press Make Supershape 3D Object node would help? Available for testing in the 1.2.7 alpha version.

Awesome, Jaymie! Well, mine was a "wonder if I can get this to work" moment, and it does, pretty much, still working on getting the formula in order as I'm still not 100% on the proper way to approach the expected formulas for the parametric nodes. And one advantage of using Make Parametric Grid, of course, is plugging in numbers where they weren't meant to be plugged in....

Would it be too much to ask what the proper supershape formulas would be for X, Y, Z on Make Parametric Grid? Relying a little too much on trial and error.... Just looking to learn about the node!



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