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Yeah, I was just looking at your setup in the Cylinder Snake comp. Joe, your comps are really helpful, thanks a ton for sharing, I can feel the amount of work you put in to get it this far.

I can probably figure out how to generate a similar list of texture coords in Vuo, but I still need to catch up on some mesh 101 groundwork to learn the rules, why I need that order (then how to manipulate it).

Whereas your comp creates a mesh with a set number of elements, that's why Steve`s metallic scribbler is a useful test here for me -- how can I, for example, map UV coords to a randomly generating mesh, and in the case of the metallic shader a 1D randomly changing shader?

Also wondering about that parabox GLSL node.

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lechbialek commented on lechbialek's Feature Request, “Play MIDI files (

GeorgeToledo Thanks for voting!

You basically describe my workflow ;) I have Logic and Vuo hooked up via MIDI (IAC driver) and pipe audio through Sound flower into Vuo. I can record live into Syphon Recorder but when I can't run my composition in realtime I need to jump through hoops to get Vuo do my bidding.

Currently as a workaround I use the "Record and Play Values" node to record incoming MIDI data live to CSV files. While rendering the Vuo composition offline I switch the "Record and Play Values" node to playback. After rendering I add the audio in Quicktime or FCP.

However this way it can be a little difficult to exactly match the starting point of the recorded MIDI data, this can be overcome by adding an offset time (add a number) so both start at the required time.

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Joe commented on lechbialek's Feature Request, “Play MIDI files (

See the thread and example here for Save Frames To Movie with audio:

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George_Toledo commented on lechbialek's Feature Request, “Play MIDI files (

The reason I added ten votes for this last night, is that I think it would increase the usability of VUO as an offline rendering system immensely.

Jaymie, I was trying to figure out how to make a video of the midi based composition I sent you, and also capture audio at the same time. Or, how to render it offline and then join the audio to it. Basically...”how do I make a video of this with audio, whether offline or live capture”. The feature that creates movies from the Viewer, seems to not be able to be configured to capture audio.

I guess that with audio, there is the “play audio file” node...which I have not used yet with the offline render, but I am guessing works. With MIDI, I can’t think of any way to do this. In QC, Value Historian helped a lot by being able to be used for offline renders, after capturing this kind of data.

It is really hard to think of a workflow to use VUO to make videos of audio visualization or midi visualization. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done of course, it only means I haven’t figured it out.

If VUO could render offline while outputting values from a MIDI file, then a DAW linear editor could essentially be used as a linear editor for VUO values. That would be amazingly powerful.

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Joe commented on jersmi's Discussion, “Drawing Interesting Meshes with the Mouse

Here's a ribbon with UV's.

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jersmi commented on lechbialek's Feature Request, “Play MIDI files (

If you think it should be a pro feature, sure, though "most useful in conjunction with a midi sequencer" gets a red flag. Midi data is versatile. Be nice to have a midi player and recorder in Vuo!

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Could be what Joe mentioned about the order of vertices, need to hack at that.

Also want to wrap my head around texture coordinates. How do you properly texture a real time growing ribbon? Speaking of which and maybe off topic, I'm trying to rework Steve's Metallic Scribbler comp with Make Mesh With Values. (I mean, look how awesome Zach Lieberman's shaders are. Then again, he helped create openFrameworks. Love his work). Right now I'm at that point where I need to understand how the texture coordinates work -- how do I get Steve' cool 1D texture to behave like it does in the metallic scribbler?

Work in progress attached.



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