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Yes, that's an result we did not expect. We are doing some further investigation, and I'll report back when I have more information. We've never used OSC with VDMX, so I can't predict the performance.

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Thanks Jean Marie

I see.

I will have to work around this limitation for now.

Is there a similar performance limit on OSC messages ?

In general only six Lfo (or any variable input from VDMX) seems very limiting, would it be possible to improve this Vdmx-Vuo communication in the future ?


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noticing that when I click the input port to edit shader text, that the tooltip also seems to get activated

Yeah, that does take up a lot of canvas space with redundant information. After discussing with the team, I think the fundamental issue is that the input port editor is more streamlined for shorter rather than longer data. Better support for long text is just one of several improvements that could be made in a UI adapted for GLSL, which is our aim for Ability to edit GLSL shader code in Vuo Editor (implementation in progress).

By the way, you can drag a popover to move it out of the way.

When I try to log in without that, it tells me that I need to try "logging in again in 4 seconds"

Are you a really fast clicker? See Log In Website time out thing.

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When using an LFO with a Vuo composition in VDMX, the final output slows down with more than six LFO inputs. So, you need to make the LFO inputs to the composition do "double duty." Here's a modified composition that runs at 60fps on my system. The Allow First Event node is not necessary, but I prefer to put it in.

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@jstrecker commented on @mastsk07's Discussion, “Vuo and Mix Emergency

Hey, Karl. I contacted Nick, the guy who makes MixEmergency, to let him know someone was interested in using Vuo compositions with it. I'll let you know of any further developments.

For now, @unicode is correct that you would need to translate your Vuo compositions to Quartz Composer (or hire someone to do it for you) for transitions and effects. Since MixEmergency and Vuo both support Syphon, I assume you could send video/graphics from Vuo to MixEmergency.



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