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Sorry for my lapse—- the problem seem to have gone away, I'm afraid, so I can't give further information. If it comes back I'll get a process sample. Thanks so much Paul and Jaymie for following up though— and again my apologies for not responding sooner.

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Jaymie commented on Paul's Feature Request, “Show bounding box in port popovers for 3D objects

I've updated the title and opened this feature request for voting.

I know there is a "Get 3D Object Bounds", it would be more precise if it included the terms x,y,z for the bounds.

It currently outputs Center, Width, Height, and Depth. If I understand correctly, you're suggesting additional outputs for the X, Y, and Z ranges (e.g. X range is Center - Width/2 to Center + Width/2).

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mic commented on mic's Feature Request, “Make image form web page loads audio too

Ok; thanks. No, it's not that important. As a reference, I can manage removing audio just adding "&mute=1" to the web address.

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Jaymie commented on mic's Feature Request, “Make image form web page loads audio too

It's impressive that you managed to get YouTube playback working. Others have tried and you're the first that I know of to succeed.

Unfortunately, your feature request would be disproportionately difficult to implement. Make Image from Web Page is currently based on Apple's WebKit framework, which doesn't provide a way to mute or capture audio output. We'd need to rewrite the node using some other web browser engine, a formidable task. If it's important to you, we can broaden this feature request to cover the alternative web browser engine. Otherwise, we can close this feature request.

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I'm not sure exactly what numbers you want in that initial list, but it sounds like you'd be better off using one of the nodes that will generate the full list all at once — like Make Points along Line, Make Random List, Copy List Items, or Build List — so you don't have to fire those 1000 events at all.

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Unfortunately, it seems so. The only alternative would be to run Blender on a PC, and create a spout output from a camera which should be stable-ish. Then you can use Spout to NDI (https://leadedge.github.io/) and get the NDI stream in Vuo over a local network.

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I use Blender for animation, particularly for fisheye scenegraphs. For a complete movie I use vuo's warp to do the full video.

I have a 6m dome with a modified version of Paul Bourke's warped fisheye offset projection.

Getting the models correct, lighting correct, and camera optimal is always a problem of rendering. To actually view it I have to warp the fisheye. Dalai Felinto did a warped fisheye in the gaming engine 15y ago, but it did not work in practical animation rendering.

I thought I could tighten the QC loop using vuo to do the warping thru syphon. But the syphon code is barely there, so getting it into vuo to do the warp is problematic.

I think the solution is to write a warp node in blender and call it a day.

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mic posted a new Feature Request, “Make image form web page loads audio too

Make image form web page loads audio too

With the included composition, I load a youtube video using "make image from web page" node. Audio is rendered as well. It is unexpected, but anyway useful. At the moment I have no option to mute it (other than modiifying URL youtube parameter); would be useful to have audio routed to a "audio out" parameter, so that I could conect to an audio out node just if needed.

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MatthewDougherty what is your end goal? Is it running Blender to generate live content? Might be easier to understand/suggest solution in context :)



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