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Jean Marie commented on jandraka's Discussion, “PTZ Camera HTTP CGI control


Have you tried Fetch Data? That node performs an HTTP GET request. That approach may work better.

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Jaymie commented on gbmvdd's Discussion, “vuo-compile vs Clang/LLVM versions

Hi, George. Great that you're delving into the deeper parts of the API.

In fact, Vuo's LLVM version is even older than that: LLVM 3.3. (You can see the versions of all of Vuo's dependencies here: .)

You can use the clang executable bundled with Vuo to compile your library module to compatible bitcode —

Updating LLVM is on my to-do list for the next few months. We had been postponing the update so that we could prioritize features that provide a more tangible benefit to the community. However, it's getting to the point where we do need to update LLVM to help with other features, so it's now a high priority.

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Fetch Vuo Protocol Files nodes, render composition in image

Not sure if this should be a separate feature request from Lambdas/closures — ability to pass nodes into other nodes, but this seems like a first easier step towards that if I understand that request correctly.

Be able to just fetch and render saved Vuo Protocol Files.

QC had a "Render in Image" thing if I'm right.

Also, a Vuo Composition Vuo Type, so that we can scan folders for them to pickup random ones, and drag and drop them on window compositions and fetch their URL's.

Mockup :

QC equivalent: 

Render to Image


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Bodysoulspirit posted a new Feature Request, “Hide Editor Toolbar as an option
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I just realised one can use Multiply Lists and have a single drawer port set to -1 for one of the lists that will spread automatically.
I always thought I had to match the amount of drawer ports, so I made this to avoid having to use a Copy List Items to match the same amount of list items.

So this custom node is kinda useless. Only benefit is you don't have to set -1 values for each axis/plane when using 2D, 3D and 4D points.



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