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2bitpunk commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Apply Mask node for layers

Ok, so I found what I think is the simplest workaround for my use case for VDMX sources. Basically white objects/elements on a transparent background. I've used the node Mask Image by Brightness (vuo.image.mask.brightness) and treated the black mask layers as if they were chroma key green/blue. But it would much simpler and cleaner to have access to an Apply Layer Mask node.

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2bitpunk commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Apply Mask node for layers

It puzzles me why such basic nodes are missing from Vuo. It seems obvious that when Apply Mask (vuo.image.apply.mask) was created that Apply Layer Mask (vuo.layer.apply.mask) would be created at the same time? I understand there are complexities is working with Image and Layers but as I've said before having consistency in how functionality is rolled out is important particularly for new users.

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Jaymie commented on George_Toledo's Bug Report, “tooltip behavior

Since people have flagged comments for moderation, we (Team Vuo) are temporarily closing comments on this bug report. We'll reopen it or add an update in a few days once we've reviewed the comments.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on George_Toledo's Bug Report, “tooltip behavior

And again, I think people should be welcome to ask questions and make comments about functionalities like the ones you raise here. I would love OpenCV, 4D points to colours sounds great, the background color, I'd love to change that (I even submitted the feature request back then), etc.
But I still don't understand why others shouldn't be able to share their thoughts about it too.

And I also think that up to some threshold point, your comment about professionals caring less about design, but more about functionality is true.
Even though I think the more a tool is aimed towards artists, designers etc, people whose work are of "visual" nature, the more they will care more about it.
But that's not so much the point here.

I can apologise for things I've said that could have "hurt" someone, but on a fair adult-level discussion, I hope the other person can also do their part.

  • So you made comments about design, that for me sounded pejorative back then, or sound rude sometimes, and yet you say it was well intended.

  • Here some comments of mine sounded pejorative to you or your bug reports, and yet I say they were well intended.
    And as you indirectly mentioned me here, I gave a first answer with apologies.

So in the end it's about the same thing it seems.

But yet we either let it escalate and argue - or we try to keep it chill.
We either suggest and ask for stuff, ask about why's, or we try to impose things.
We either discuss about things - or we flag, report and block...

I don't mean we should be all Teletubbies under some sunny skies here, but we might as well just keep it cool.

So ok, again, message received about the bug reports, and sorry for my part.

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George_Toledo commented on George_Toledo's Bug Report, “tooltip behavior

I was not going to respond on this and just flag it, but since the discussion is already at this point… I want to respond directly to a matter raised. This situation in this thread sucks, but it feels better to state this.

My point was that matters of style are debatable whereas levels of core functionality (aka can something actually do opencv? can you actually control colors with point info? can you actually control the background color? etc)…are much less debatable. They either exist or they do not.

It has been my observation in working professionally on many software projects that people who do not accomplish much with a product often spend endless amounts of time hypothesizing about style level issues. Of course good design matters. And that usually happens through revision.

A related point was that the concerns of someone attempting to use a system for professional activities are different than someone who is just exploring or amateur. That doesn’t make one more valid than the other, but a system which gives both perspectives equal weight - someone trying to pay their bills by using the system for professional endeavors vs someone doodling (and I do plenty of doodling myself)…that decision to give equal weight to both problem contexts will directly correlate with the makeup of the resulting community.

I think that is a very helpful comment to make both to the vuo team as well as to other members, regardless of whatever level of skill they are at. People are free to disagree with that. But I didn’t appreciate the way those comments were taken at the time, and I still don’t. The points I attempt to make as far as issues like that go are in good faith, and not even necessarily always directly of personal concern.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on George_Toledo's Bug Report, “tooltip behavior

George, I think the problem here is you're both being somehow rude, while playing the victim.

You want to be able to tell your feelings, without others being able to say anything :)

You came here back to Vuo after what feels like a long period of absence, and in your first comments your talked about "some people putting efforts into making a logo uglier then it was before" etc.
There I felt personally attacked, while I suggested a Vuo redesign, not only for the logo, but also for the nodes (which many parts of my ideas where used by the team for the nodes).
And while you may think design is not important in a software nowadays, it's "just" your opinion, that is not more or less valid or important than someone else's one who might think it is.
I just didn't caught up upon that, because I'm not the kind of person to like to argue, I just thought "let's be wise, crawl above that and forget it".

Then I still tried to discuss things with you, answered some of your questions and came up with some answers for which you thanked me for, and now you're being rude, saying I'm somehow trying to minimise your bug reports, and saying I'm the one being rude, although I tried to excuse myself just before that.

And now I said I'd would stop writing, but you keep coming with the same thing again.

Come on, we're adults, I got over the design part, please forget the comments I made for which I excused myself.

So I'm sorry if I said anything that you didn't like, end of discussion no ?

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George_Toledo commented on George_Toledo's Bug Report, “tooltip behavior

If someone told me my comments were unhelpful to them and actually causing them anxiety I would stop at that point and not continue to browbeat and lecture for several more posts. I can be opinionated or longwinded, or whatever, but when it comes to someone having a problem with programming or design I try to be helpful if I can.

I don’t try to pour gasoline on the fire, come into a conversation gaslighting someone by saying their problem doesn’t matter, drifting into comments negatively characterizing their friends, or everything else under the moon that is completely irrelevant to the original topic, etc, and I think that’s a good guideline in general.

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jersmi posted a new Discussion, “JSON hex colors

JSON hex colors

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I think something like this will work but is there a better way than using Split Text and Cut Text to strip out brackets and quotes in this JSON list of hex colors? (I want a list of 5 colors to use with Map Image Colors).



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