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howie commented on howie's Discussion, “Motion Detection

Hi Jaymie _ thanks for asking about this. The issue is still present but we have learned to live with it. The vuo patch is attached along with a VDMX project - which sends the syphon and osc controls. If its useful to look into this from a Vuo view then it would be great to hear your thoughts but its not a pressing issue. Let me know if things need more explanation. cheers_ Howie

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Jaymie commented on howie's Discussion, “Motion Detection

Still the issue of dropped frames from external influences - but i'm not sure that this can be fixed inside the patch.

howie, are you still running into this problem with the latest version of your composition? (Based on your recent posts, I'm guessing it's evolved since the conversation here.) If so, could you post that version?

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Jaymie commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as FFGL plugins

sleepytom, thanks for the tip. We did see the FFGL changes and have updated Vuo's plugin export to work with Resolume 7 while still also working with FFGL 1.6 hosts such as Resolume 6.

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Um… separate please. While I'm hopeful that we can share a lot of the code between published inputs in exported apps and in screensavers, it will take some extra effort (how much we don't know yet) to actually get it working for screensavers.

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sleepytom commented on Team Vuo's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as FFGL plugins

Just a note to point out that Resolume 7 has been released and that it needs FFGL 2.0 plugins. I hope the vuo devs are aware of this, ideally i'd like to output both FFGL1.5 and FFGL2.0 plugins from vuo as this maximises compatibility across hosts. :)



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