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@jstrecker commented on @lechbialek's Feature Request, “Apple Touch Bar support in editor

@lechbialek, I've split off the part about a Touch Bar node into a separate feature request.

I'll be discussing with the team to come up with a rough estimate and see if we have any questions for you. Then we'll open these feature requests for voting.

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@root posted a new Feature Request, “Node to display widgets in Touch Bar
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Quite astonished to read that the only fixes for openGL would be to run in on the CPU instead ! Really ? No other methods ?

Since Apple's OpenGL drivers are deprecated (so they're not going to fix them) and closed-source (so we can't fix them) — no, not really. At least, nothing that would be less work than updating to Metal.

Anyway, one question, before moving Vuo completely to Molten / Vulkan / Metal which I assume will be some work, would it not be possible to test it out for small fixes like these first ?

Not in this case. Meshes are one of those things that you have to do either entirely in OpenGL or entirely in Metal. You can't do a little bit in Metal to work around the problem and keep the rest of the code OpenGL.

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@jstrecker commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “Realsense Depth Sensor

You could try with NI mate and the Filter Skeleton node.

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@lechbialek commented on @jvolker's Feature Request, “SVG & PDF import

+1 for importing SVG!

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Following up -- these examples were (deceptively) simple and clear, helpful in clarifying how event flow works in Vuo. Thanks again, Jaymie.

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Bump for SVG/vector import. I just cast some votes at the "import" FR, seems like import/export should be one node set, "support for vector graphics".

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@jersmi commented on @jvolker's Feature Request, “SVG & PDF import

I just had a look at Magneson's SVG to XML approach, it's a bust for me (or would take a lot more work and I can't imagine it amounting to anything except an experiment). SVG's parameters for paths include move (M) and curve (C -- provides 6 parameters per point for cubic bezier curve).



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