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(False alarm on the fix not working standalone: that was caused by 'Fetch JSON Tree' using cached values rather than current - I'm not sure if that's my error or not.)

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Setting the date for the comparison seems to fix it. It might be that discarding the date component also discards the daylight savings correction. You might want to file a bug report.

This workaround should fix the issue:

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Weird, I can reproduce it here as well. Might be a daylight savings issue?

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No stress! It is a bit of a different thought process. The coordinate system makes a lot more sense both mathematically and when you do 3d manipulations/work in 3d environments. Coming from pixel space and 0 - 1 / Width - Height space to that can be a bit of a shift though! I have ripped out a fair few hairs when transitioning to this kind of workflow myself. As it is standard for most applications in 3d space I guess it's just a matter of getting to grips with it.

(Also left you an answer there ;) )

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That makes no difference, unfortunately. I also tried setting it to "23:59:59" for good measure.

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Try removing the start of day input and leave it at 0.

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Thanks, Martinus. I'm not sure that's what I was after! Need to reflect on how I can apply that. I'm gong to do it in Adobe AE or QC b/c I don't have a week to get this done! If I can then convert to VUO after the deadline, it will help me learn VUO. As you can see from my other post I find Vuo very frustrating just to learn by doing, trying stuff, reading the manual and node library, unlike QC which seems to function in a way that takes little functions and allows one to keep growing on them bit by bit.

I know Vuo has it's advantages over QC (not least being supported!) but the learning curve is not especially pleasant (for me) whereas QC was mostly fun for me (except for learning JS inside such a hard to debug environment to do state machine stuff).

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Much easier to use the "Get Layer Bounds" node! :)

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It's just a matter of shading. With "Make Line Strips Object" an image shader will repeat the image from each control point in the line:

To increase the amount of "dots" on the line, you just increase the number of control points:

To animate the dots, you animate the image going to the shader:

moving dots.mov

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How do I work out the dimensions of a Text Layer object?

I need to know the width and height of a text layer after user sets it up with variable font size. When I get the dimensions of the text (which will appear on an HD1080 window) II can use the dimensions to put a block of colour just say 20px wider and higher than the text. Trivially easy, but not yet!



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