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@jstrecker commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “Total immersion - projection?

You could render the same scene using 6 normal perspective cameras, 90º FOV. Make Quad Layer might be useful for corner point adjustments.

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I found that my use of the Measure Time node wasn't orthodox, I was pausing it once the timer went past the maximum value I was testing for and it had some strange side effects in terms of reseting and starting it. I removed the pause and it started working as desired.

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@marioepsley commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “JSON data streams

I'm getting much better results parsing the data by splitting the text than processing two X and Y lists and merging them. Up to almost 15fps which is ideal. Thanks again @Bodysoulspirit

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I'd like to be able to show/hide the console window so I can use it as a debugging window but also disable it at times (it slows comp down amongst other things, and yes I realise I could make a switch to disable the data flow to it to speed things up).

If putting an enable switch on the Console Window node is easier than dealing with full render windows, perhaps it could be first cab off the rank for a quick fix?

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Yes, having the Motion template will potentially fill gaps where the Vuo UI is limited to simple value inputs restricted to known datatypes. Can't wait to check this out, I use Premier Pro and AE but will have to learn FCP and Motion to play with this I expect.

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Please find my third and hopefully final version attached

FFGL plugin attached.

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@jstrecker commented on @Scratchpole's Discussion, “vid2vid (style transfer)

Wow. Yeah, that would be amazing. vid2vid has a non-commercial license so it is probably not something Team Vuo could add. But if anyone else would be interested in coding it, you can embed Python in C/C++.



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