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20 ShaderToy GLSL performance in 2.0.0 Beta 1 iaian7 3 months ago by iaian7
20 Serious performance drop in macOS 10.12 Kewl 2 years ago by Kewl
20 Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies: what are the frequencies? Kewl 2 years ago by jstrecker
20 How to animate torus thickness? jersmi 4 years ago by jersmi
20 Audio visualizer with Image Generator protocol Kewl 3 years ago by Kewl
19 Simple text scrolling is not consistent or smooth grahamis 9 months ago by jmcc
18 Triangle nodes, structures, how to? useful design 3 months ago by Bodysoulspirit
18 Audio visualisation, Harpex style Kewl 1 year ago by DRDN
18 rtsp pbourke 1 year ago by jstrecker
17 Are you using Vuo on Mac OS 10.6 or 10.7? jmcc 5 years ago by jmcc
16 actor with too less talent in programming asks for help mmengelhardt 1 year ago by jstrecker
16 Duplicate OSC messages being sent. How to fix? dr.drainaway 4 months ago by jstrecker
16 Noise with loop ? Bodysoulspirit 4 years ago by jersmi
16 Qwerty to Polyphonic MIDI? jersmi 1 year ago by alexmitchellmus
16 Drawing Interesting Meshes with the Mouse jersmi 1 year ago by jersmi
16 Data Types Thoughts Bodysoulspirit 3 years ago by Bodysoulspirit
16 Leap motion refresh rate and general performance bnvisuals 4 years ago by bnvisuals
15 Good tips to assign individual audio frequencies to individual 3D points? cymaspace 3 years ago by MartinusMagneson
15 Vuo's future, its roadmap, its selling, its community ... Bodysoulspirit 4 years ago by krezrock
15 problem with List Files to speed Holo 1 year ago by Bodysoulspirit


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