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Jaymie commented on dthietala's Discussion, “Node outdated or broken

dthietala, you should be able to continue using Vuo 1.1.x with any compositions created in Vuo 0.9 through 1.1.x. If the compositions were created in earlier versions than Vuo 0.9, you may need to open them in Vuo 0.9 and save them before they can be used in Vuo 1.1.x.

Does the error message provide any information about which nodes are a problem?

Console is an application that comes with macOS. Just do a Spotlight search for "Console".

In Vuo, if you go to Tools > Open User Modules Folder and Tools > Open System Modules Folder, do you have any files in those folders? If so, try moving them out of those folders and restarting Vuo.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on dthietala's Discussion, “Node outdated or broken

The Fire On Start Node is the problem ? What if you remove it and search for it again in the library and add a new one ?

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Bodysoulspirit posted a new Feature Request, “Get Object Shader / Get Child Shaders

Get Object Shader / Get Child Shaders

From the discussion Is Within Box Get Color, would it be possible to retrieve shaders from objects ?

As I write I see no real utility to retrieve the shader of a single object but perhaps there is though. That discussion was about retrieving multiple shaders from child objects to create a list of shaders.



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Bodysoulspirit posted a new Feature Request, “`Change Items in List` node

`Change Items in List` node

From the discussion Is Within Box Get Colors, would it be possible to get a Replace Items / Replace Item ranges in list.

Not so sure how that would be done, but the idea is there.



Notes from Team Vuo

Vuo Pro: 

No — available with both Vuo and Vuo Pro licenses


●○○○ — Up to a few days of work


●○○ — Appeals to current community
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Yes. But there will always be new futures to add. It's not there YET ;) Am going to create those Feature Requests ("Replaces Item Ranges in List" and "Get Object Shader") ;) If you really need those sooner you can always hire the team.

But this was only one solution I came up with, there could be others though ;)

Glad it helps a bit though ;)

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dthietala posted a new Discussion, “Node outdated or broken

Node outdated or broken

Hello, my fire on start node isn't working on my older compositions. I get this message when i press run..

"Node outdated or broken — One or more nodes in this composition can't be used by this version of Vuo. Check the Console application for messages with more information about the problem."

I wasn't able to find the console application..

I have an older version (1.1x)

Is there anything I can do other than paying for the new update?

Thank you, Daven

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Bodysoulspirit, Oui, ça répond à mes besoins, c'est plutôt malin.

Effectivement, c'est dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de node genre "Get Child Shaders", cela permettrait, dans mon cas, de gérer un protocole (DMX) avec une interface utilisateur en 3D. Dans ce sens, mon objectif est de piloter le "Shade with Wireframe" rouge car cette objet ne se déplace pas seulement sur une rangée de Led, mais sur l'ensemble des 8 rangées, voir illustrations précédentes.

Aussi, je me demande pourquoi le node "Change Item in List" n'existe pas en "Change ItemS in List", cela permettrait d'insérer plusieurs copies d'un objet à l'intérieur d'une liste.

"J'espère que ça aide.", oui vraiment beaucoup !

Merci beaucoup à toi.

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I'm confused. Where do I vote for QC-style Macros?

Is there a feature request I can vote on for just QC-style macros, without all the subcomposition saving etc(like I've seen some around)? I honestly don't know how anyone makes anything of any size considering the time it takes to make subcompositions work, just to clean up the workspace. Ideally you could select a bunch of pre-connected nodes, right-click them into a macro and all publishing and cable connections are done for you. It's an absolute must but I haven't found a feature request that describes this. Is there one?



Vuo is more than nodes and cables, it's a community! Feel free to browse or add your voice.

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