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mic posted a new Composition, “Typewriter
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IP commented on IP's Bug Report, “Reaktor Poly OSC freeze

it's slowing down terribly on iMac but it doesn't freeze the whole machine.

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3d objects have reflections / transparency / visible lights?


I have found material shinyness but is there any way to make objects reflect each other in a scene?, or have partial transparency? attached is a zip with a basic vuo scene with a .3ds loaded and a example of the look im trying to recreate from cinema 3d.

bascially im working in maxon's cinema 4d and i want to incorporate some dynamic rss content in with nice motion graphics and trying to get my head around the best way to do this.

also i couldn't find any best practise on what format to export scenes in from cinema 4d to vuo, is there a guide anywhere?

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grahamis commented on cymaspace's Discussion, “Freelancers for paid Vuo gigs

I would also be interested in potential freelancers for hire.

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I'll have a look at the composition later this week when I get back from the conference I'm at. I probably have a ~ or / in there. I just dragged the file in and didn't check the URL.

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OK, thanks for the reminder on how events are behaving... I overlooked that. Because of the number of I/O ports I need for the composition the Mac Pro is my only solution however my Manager managed to secure me an older MacBook Pro that works with my older QC project, I'm updating that on the side now as my backup plan for this event. I'm hoping to get the VUO comp working though if I can still but I'm getting lock ups and haven't been able to identify fuller were they are coming from yet. It seems to be related to the live camera feed and the video file playback nodes being in the same composition because individually they are running fine.



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