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Same for me.

Smooth text scrolling was already a subject in QC, I remember one guy that found a workaround using Java code to smooth scroll.
Made a simple composition, not smooth for me neither, actually it seems the text is smoother with the original window size, gets worse when I resized it (not even sure).
Even turned off multisampling.
This happens for big texts but also with smaller font sizes.

My HD 3000 is old but I would hope recent Macs would handle this.
It runs at 59/60 FPS though and the cpu load is low too.
Tested in Vuo 1.2.6

Does this happen for all Macs ? Or would grahamis his GPU fallback some graphics to the CPU too like the HD 3000 bug and be the cause for non smooth text scrolling ?

Vids and composition below

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Bodysoulspirit commented on Azy's Discussion, “Get Mesh Values Node / Scale

Karl, downloaded the latest from Github, replaced the old ones in the user nodes folder, still getting this, anything I would need to delete somewhere ?
Vuo 1.2.6 and a fresh composition with only your get mesh node ...

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Magneson commented on cymaspace's Discussion, “Freelancers for paid Vuo gigs

I can't do freelance, but I can do it through the company I work for. I can also provide pre-viz of projects in WYSIWYG complete with lighting and projection mapping/LED screens. We use MA2 for our lighting rig, so showfiles for that platform can also be included, pre-patched and complete with a Vuo "fixture" to control the compositions directly from a MA2 system.

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Jaymie, I thought I had saved it, but apparently not. The general concept was the same I think. I at least used first/last approach to the receive live audio list. For the oscilloscope shape thing I put the enqueue node into overdrive by fire periodically set to as fast as possible.

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Benedikt posted a new Discussion, “Record and Play OSC Values

Record and Play OSC Values

Hi !

I'd like to be able to record OSC Values (and measure minima & maxima to properly scale things). Currently I rely on the fabulous Vezer to record, but doing introspection and mutation within vuo would nicely keep it at one place .

An example composition outside of a protocol would be of great help !

Thanx and greetings - vuo's the best!


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How to package and send serial data to control Addressable LEDs?

I've been struggling for a few months now trying to get Vuo to control addressable LEDs (neopixels / ws2812bs) over serial.

The part that I am failing to understand is how to package up a list of RGB pixel values in vuo and send them to a serial device (such as Arduino or Teensy). I've been experimenting with some Arduino sketches specifically for this such as:

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marcorexo1 posted a new Discussion, “Publish a patch to the Apple App Store



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