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Jaymie commented on Azy's Feature Request, “Twitch Chat Node

Azy, are you thinking it would be used like a Twitter wall, only it's Twitch instead? So there'd be a Receive Twitch Chat node that provides each message (text and emotes) as it comes in? Do you think this feature request should also cover sending messages, or is receiving sufficient for what you want to do?

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Jaymie commented on Paul's Bug Report, “Warp image node number parsing bug.

The issue is that some of the numbers in the not-working file are very long, and Vuo's parser for mesh data files only handles up to 20 digits. (When the parser reaches the 20th digit of the x value, it thinks the x value is complete and parses the remaining digits as the y value.)

The reason for limiting the number of digits is to prevent a potential bug reported by Cppcheck (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9292861/how-could-reading-numbers-us...). However, we can easily bump up the limit to 30 digits.

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Jaymie commented on Alastair's Discussion, “How do I rotate a Text Layer?!

Yes, Make Text Image is the way to do it in Vuo 1.2.x. I'm glad you were able to find that.

In Vuo 1.3 we're making improvements to Make Text Layer based on suggestions from various folks. These include adding scaling and rotation.

Make Text Layer already uses antialiasing.

When using Make Text Layer with Arrange Layers in Row, you need to connect the Render Layers to Window : Rendered Layers output port to the Arrange Layers in Row : Rendered Layers input port. I think this requirement may go away in Vuo 1.3. (If not, we'll update the documentation to clarify.)

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Jaymie commented on Kewl's Discussion, “Make Noise Image: how many bits?

Testing on one computer, we did catch a pattern at seed 2000 (attached). The seeds for which patterns emerge might be specific to each GPU. And no, it's not supposed to happen. Possibly it could be fixed if we used a different pseudorandom number generator. If it's causing you any problems, please create a bug report and mention your type of GPU and some of the seeds where you see patterns.

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Lori Hepner and Kendra Ross light-painting women's experiences

Intersection*ology, a collaboration between visual artist Lori Hepner (lhepner) and musician Kendra Ross, lies at the “intersection between art, gender and technology”. With soundscapes, projected imagery, and dance, the performance evokes women’s experiences across time and place, from slave dungeons centuries ago in West Africa to the Women’s March on Washington in January. Vuo played a part in this intersectional-feminist piece, transforming light from LEDs worn by the performers into imagery projected in real time onstage.

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mle posted a new Discussion, “Interesting one about parametric meshes

Interesting one about parametric meshes

The other day I stumbled across these great images (attached). Each image is of a really beautiful intricate object and in the top left corner they seem to have the parametric equation associated to each object.

My question is, Is it possible to recreate these structures using the Make Parametric Grid Mesh node? If so would it then be possible to assign custom inputs to the parameters?

I see a really beautiful audio reactive sculpture set being generated from this if its possible. Any help welcomed. Safeness&Greatness Mario

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It doesn't, the doors back open, Thanks! :)

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Does it still happen if you skip installing stv.makeWIndowProperty.vuonode (and rebuild the cache)?

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Interestingly I just tried to reload these modules again (pictured) and the same thing happened again. The modules work fine but the loader crashes for me only when I've activated the image protocol.

Deleting the cache and removing those modules from the user modules folder has fixed it.



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