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Bodysoulspirit commented on Azy's Discussion, “Get Mesh Values Node / Scale

Was not sure I downloaded the last version so I downloaded them again from your link on the 1.2.6 update on Github and still have the same.

So the previous version of Get Mesh values had an "Element Assembly Method" port that is gone in the last version am I right ?

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mkegan posted a new Composition, “Space Worms
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Jean Marie commented on mle's Feature Request, “`Open URL in Browser` node

Yes, Open URL in Browser is included in Vuo 1.2.6.

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New related question: what are the frequencies when Quadratic or Logarithmic averaging is engaged? This is to know from what item # to cut if I want to remove the last octave, like 10 kHz to 20 kHz.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on mle's Feature Request, “`Open URL in Browser` node

Released in Vuo 1.2.6 if I'm correct

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Bodysoulspirit posted a new Composition, “Color Font Feedback
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Yes, still. Tried on another computer, still smooth.

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Kewl well glad this seem related to some GPU's only at least !

Still smooth after you changed the window size and ratio ?



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