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sinemod commented on sinemod's Composition, “Lasersim

Thank you @Bodysoulspirit, happy to hear that! Yes, there are lots of possibilities - should have made a screen of the parameter setting as I saved the file. Attached is a short video with another example.

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Bodysoulspirit commented on sinemod's Composition, “Lasersim

Amazing job man !

I personally don't think you have chosen the best screenshot for the main preview gallery to represent the composition though but that's personal ;)

I love those green EQ moving from left to right ! Really good !

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sinemod posted a new Composition, “Lasersim
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Yes, I was using 1.2.5. But still perplexed at why it disappeared...

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@Kewl, sorry, I was unclear. You told me that when you tested recently with Vuo 1.2.5 the problem was no longer happening. I jumped to the conclusion that you'd been using Vuo 1.2.4 earlier. But if not, no need to test with 1.2.4. If you were using 1.2.5 the whole time, maybe the problem was related to CPU usage by other applications.

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OK, I'll check in 1.2.4.

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Kewl posted a new Discussion, “atan2(y,x): x and y switched?
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@Kewl let me know that the problem occurs in Vuo 1.2.4 but not in Vuo 1.2.5, so apparently it was fixed by some performance improvement or bug fix in Vuo 1.2.5.

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