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Deploy compositions as Linux apps (including Raspberry Pi)

Suggested by
root's picture
on 2015.05.07
●●●● — Many months of work

Load and play animated 3D meshes

Suggested by
root's picture
on 2015.05.06
●●●○ — A few months of work

Particle emitter node

Suggested by
root's picture
on 2015.05.06
●●○○ — A few weeks of work

Shadows from light

Suggested by
Hiltmeyer's picture
on 2014.03.10
●●○○ — A few weeks of work

Vuo Composition Building/Editing

Votes Feature by Complexity
372 Iteration: Turn most nodes into iterators by allowing single-value ports to accept lists root ●●●○
320 Lists within lists alexmitchellmus ●●○○
267 Option to temporarily disable/turn off nodes jvolker ●●○○
178 Edit node C code in the Vuo Editor have it do all the Qt wrangling for the node useful design ●●○○
168 Option to edit subcomposition without affecting other instances — Group nodes just for organization, not for adding to Node Library root ●●○○
133 Update for unsupported ISF FX vidbeat ●●○○
117 The composition view should have the previous size and pos after pressing Stop->Run in the Editor mixfilet ●○○○
102 Insert node between other nodes alexmitchellmus ●○○○
80 Publish Generic Ports ajm ●○○○
71 Middle click move canvas alexmitchellmus ●○○○
70 Time Mode/Evaluation Changes George_Toledo ●●●○
59 In File > Export > Movie, support exporting movies with audio alexmitchellmus ●●●○
55 Select and OSC nodes with variable number of ports root ●●○○
53 Lambdas/closures — ability to pass nodes into other nodes root ●●●○
50 Fire an event from Node when an input value is changed in the Editor useful design ●●○○
38 Option to show linear cables jmcc ●○○○
35 A UI for storing and editing published input port values ddelcourt ●●○○
32 Hold Z to zoom to selection area keithlang ●○○○
32 Reveal Hidden Cables With Hover bLackburst ●○○○
31 Load & Play FFGL plugins Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
31 Allow feedback loops without needing a Hold Value node George_Toledo ●●○○
31 Keyframe editor built in to Vuo Editor alexmitchellmus ●●●○
30 A UI for storing / editing published ports (save prefs) for screensavers Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
30 Auto-update from within editor cwright ●●○○
29 Fire event from all `Fire on Start` nodes when a shortcut key is pressed useful design ●●○○
25 Add processing time in tooltips for each node manuel_mitasch ●○○○
25 remember Editor size and position zwei-p ●○○○
25 Ability to bundle resources (images, movies, other files) along with a composition root ●●○○
19 Visual input editor for VuoTransform and VuoTransform2D root ●●○○
17 Allow items in drawers to be reordered Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
16 Ability to detach constant value flags and connect them to multiple nodes root ●●○○
14 CPU Performance Meter Kewl ●○○○
14 Autosave jersmi ●○○○
12 Protect shared compositions [Save composition as closed composition] Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
12 Node GUI view alexmitchellmus ●●●○
12 Optionally preserve incoming cable connections when duplicating a node Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
11 Zoom in/out/actual-size shortcuts like Adobe apps (and others) useful design ●○○○
11 In Vuo Editor, make just the canvas background transparent (instead of the whole window) alexmitchellmus ●●○○
10 ⊹Increase grid snap size option. keithlang ●○○○
10 Hide published ports cables Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
8 Turn Share Value into a slider jersmi ●○○○
8 Data only cable type alexmitchellmus ●●○○
8 Show small zoomed composition window when zoomed into large compositions alexmitchellmus ●○○○
8 Drag a cable to a drawer between 2 items to automatically add an item at that position (and reorder older items). Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
7 Replace all connected output cables at once Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
7 Add drawers to output ports cwilms-loyalist ●●○○
6 Shortcuts for switching between Vuo Editor and VuoCompositionLoader cwright ●○○○
5 UI Node - Colour Picker cwilms-loyalist ●●○○
5 Ability to detach drawers and connect them to multiple nodes useful design ●●○○
5 Scrollable Port Popups Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
5 "Pointer Interaction" protocol alexmitchellmus ●●○○
5 Ability to reset ports to default values krezrock ●○○○
5 Option to hide node class names jmcc ●○○○
3 Ability to collapse other nodes besides type converters root ●○○○
3 Auto Clean up Composition Nodes (all and/or selection) alexmitchellmus ●○○○
3 Option to hide Node Library more easily Pianomatic ●○○○
3 Drawer interaction improvements (at least I think so) Pianomatic ●○○○
2 Calcuate patch accept text input for expression or at least use larger text field like the Shared Value node useful design ●○○○
2 A UI for storing and loading the state of running compositions useful design ●●○○
2 Export movie as numbered image sequence alexmitchellmus ●○○○
2 View and interact with compositions on an iOS device connected via wifi/USB root ●●○○
1 Provide a way for Vuo editor to stop already-running compositions root ●○○○
1 Get List Item index when connecting list to single port Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
1 Render to editor background MartinusMagneson ●○○○
1 Export Movie: Show parameter summary in the progress window mixfilet ●○○○
1 Inital shown/hidden state of a newly created cable mixfilet ●○○○
1 Position/orient 3D objects by using the mouse on the rendered output jstrecker ●●○○
1 Use conventional keyboard modifiers for changing the selection of nodes in Editor useful design ●●○○
1 Open subcomposition in same window as composition jstrecker ●●○○
1 Set default tints in the node library root ●○○○
1 Evaluate math expressions typed into integer and real input editors Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
1 Create port types in Vuo Editor root ●●●○
1 Editor support for dictionaries (lists of key/value pairs) root ●●○○
1 Map controllers to published input ports in Vuo apps ddelcourt ●●○○
Show bounding box in port popovers for 3D objects pbourke
Popovers for selected cables keithlang ●○○○
Be able to display ("expand") a subcomposition within its parent composition root ●●○○
Double-clicking on an unspecialized generic port brings up a context menu with a short list of data types keithlang ●●○○
Be able to export subcombs as .vuonode Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
Specify size of Image Generator Window George_Toledo ●○○○
Apple Touch Bar support in editor lechbialek ●●○○
Insert node with context menu option on ports root ●○○○
Editable Value fields on Editor canvas to increase in scale when view is zoomed in beyond actual size. useful design ●●○○
Shortcut to follow a cable cremaschi ●○○○
Composition Loader apps have the name in Finder Dock useful design ●○○○
Detached Port Popovers with enhanced behavioral attributes useful design ●○○○
Be able to set the initial value on an input port that has an incoming data+event cable jstrecker ●●○○
Create new composition when clicking Vuo icon (when already open) Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
Remember canvas position when composition re-opened useful design ●○○○
Expanded port value 'tooltips' not move when moving Composition Window when pressing (say) spacebar key useful design ●○○○
Highlight / visual cue to show connection between port and detached port popover useful design ●○○○
Composition shortcut key to relaunch self when run from Vuo Editor root ●○○○
Include source code of nodes in editor alexmitchellmus ●○○○
allow modules to load from user and system folders from inside sub-folders useful design ●○○○
Only collapse type converters that were added automatically root ●○○○
Select & edit multiple Input Ports of the same Data Type at once Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
Ability to disconnect (pin/dock) input editors alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Show debug info on 3D objects in the rendered scene krezrock ●○○○
Be able to copy constant values from one input port to another jstrecker ●○○○
Be able to select and copy text in detached port popover alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Scriptable Editor and Editor Rules/Macros (< think Excel macros not QC) useful design ●●●○
Count selected nodes editor feedback dialogue alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Be able to select all nodes upstream/downstream of a port or node root ●○○○
Reduce the pause during live-coding reloads jstrecker ●●●○
Show a trail / history chart of data values in numeric port popovers krezrock ●○○○
Subcomposition generator node alexmitchellmus ●●●○
Automatically install and update 3rd-party nodes MartinusMagneson ●●●○
Remember custom rendering dimensions in Vuo movie export dialogue alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Distributed offline renderer alexmitchellmus ●●○○
Batch export node / feature alexmitchellmus ●●○○
Provide a standard way for nodes to report errors / runtime exceptions root ●●○○
Built-in media library root ●●○○
Add more sort options in Node Library Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
Display port values in realtime, even when cables are connected Bodysoulspirit ●●○○

Vuo Documentation

Votes Feature by Complexity
6 An advanced tutorial on plugin developing cremaschi ●○○○
Datatype documentation, explainer and how to user guide useful design ●●○○

Vuo Interoperation

Votes Feature by Complexity
927 Deploy compositions as Linux apps (including Raspberry Pi) root ●●●●
253 Deploy compositions as iOS apps root ●●●●
185 Code sign and notarize exported apps Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
160 Deploy compositions to Windows root ●●●●
124 Ableton LINK integration tapetenstrahler ●○○○
117 QC Composition Import mattgolsen ●●●○
89 Edit compositions on Windows root ●●●●
60 Deploy compositions as Adobe plugins root ●●○○
11 Deploy compositions as OpenFX alexmitchellmus ●●○○
8 OpenCL node alexmitchellmus ●●○○
2 Edit compositions on Linux root ●●●●
1 Deploy compositions to Android root ●●●●
Load & Play Lottie animated files (JSON & .lottie) Bodysoulspirit
WebAssembly / Compile Compositions for Browsers krezrock ●●●●
Apply image filter protocols to movies (rotoscoping) jmcc ●○○○
Interface between published ports and Nexus OSC alexmitchellmus ●○○○
In-editor recording and playback (simulation) of `Receive*` nodes jstrecker ●●○○
Enable a composition to tell whether it's running in Vuo Editor or as an exported app alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Deploy compositions as Darwin command line apps alexmitchellmus ●●●○

Node Set: 2D Graphics

Votes Feature by Complexity
236 SVG & PDF import jvolker ●●○○
218 Support for vector paths, or SVG or PDF exporting Luiz Andre ●●●○
115 Popup menu UI node pbourke ●●○○
115 Antialiasing post-processing filter (FXAA) root ●○○○
110 Change Layer/Scene Opacity node cwilms-loyalist ●○○○
110 Projection Mapping: Bezier grid warping root ●●○○
101 "Track Points in Image" node root ●●○○
91 Render to Virtual UVC Camera node cwilms-loyalist ●●○○
81 Detect markers/features in images for augmented reality jstrecker ●●○○
74 Node set for skeletal tracking root ●●○○
60 Background Color - Clear Node Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
30 Add extended support for USB (UVC) webcams root ●●○○
22 Tracking blobs ou ●●○○
21 Improved Feedback Node video piglet ●○○○
20 jpeg quality pbourke ●●○○
20 ML-based background remover cremaschi ●○○○
20 Layer to 3D Object & 3D Object to Layer Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
20 Play MJPEG-over-HTTP streaming video root ●○○○
20 Pack Layers Node bLackburst ●○○○
20 Deformable Mesh alexmitchellmus ●○○○
18 3D LUT node for color correction alexmitchellmus ●○○○
15 Receive Mouse Clicks on Layer 2bitpunk ●●○○
11 Apply Mask node for layers root ●●○○
10 Node to Make a QR code keithlang ●○○○
10 Make Noise Image node: option to use only one axis for tiling. Kewl ●○○○
10 PTGui Node (For Panorama Stitching) alexmitchellmus ●○○○
8 A colour picker UI item pbourke ●○○○
8 Add support for Heroic Robotics PixelPusher root ●●○○
7 Add support for Dataton Watchout root ●●○○
7 Add support for capturing video directly from Firewire IIDC/DCAM cameras root ●●○○
6 "Is within..." alpha/depth bLackburst ●○○○
5 Magewell Video Capture Device Support (Mobile) krezrock ●●○○
4 Add Borders to Layers Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
3 More movie recording settings for Composition Viewer jersmi ●○○○
3 "Save Animated GIF" node root ●○○○
1 Camera tracking MartinusMagneson ●●○○
1 Round corner for image layers Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
1 Support creating custom themes for UI widgets (buttons, sliders) using Layers root ●●○○
1 OpenCV create contours from image/colour Scratchpole ●○○○
1 AVDepthdata support alexmitchellmus ●●○○
1 Add Anchor port to the Resize Image node Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
1 Add FPS info in `` alexmitchellmus ●○○○
1 Extend "Decode Movie Image" to also output audio alexmitchellmus ●○○○
1 Support for retrieving individual layers/pages from images jersmi ●○○○
Add option to draw border for `Make Oval Layer` and `Make Rectangle Layer` pbourke ●○○○
Load & Play Lottie animated files (JSON & .lottie) Bodysoulspirit
Receive RTMP video stream node seanradio ●●○○
On `Make Slider` UI node, add options for snapping behavior cwilms-loyalist
exif style meta data pbourke ●●○○
Multiple video tracks pbourke ●●○○
Capture Image of Screen doesn't respect Active unless receiving Event keithlang ●○○○
Layer Names keithlang ●○○○
Add 'Off' to Receive Live Video node (and Audio Node) keithlang ●○○○
Single hand tracking in Vuo with non-depth cameras keithlang ●●○○
Change layer hue/saturation/brightness video piglet ●○○○
Simple Keystone Node video piglet ●○○○
Improve colorspace/color profile/gamma/OETF handling (was: Linear RGB data type) alexmitchellmus ●●○○
Apply image filter protocols to movies (rotoscoping) jmcc ●○○○
Frame rate pbourke ●○○○
Node to display widgets in Touch Bar root ●●○○
Support loading, processing, and outputting huge images root ●●○○
.dds Compressed Image Format alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Gradient Phase and Period bLackburst ●○○○
Fetch image sequence node alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Motion blur correction when exporting to movie alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Movie duration from 'Play Movie' and 'Decode Movie Image' root ●○○○
Extend image filters to support spherical mapping alexmitchellmus ●●○○
In the Resize Image node, add "Copy" as a sizing mode 2bitpunk ●○○○
Extend "Sample Color from Image" to support wrapping root ●○○○

Node Set: 3D Graphics

Votes Feature by Complexity
857 Load and play animated 3D meshes root ●●●○
564 Particle emitter node root ●●○○
534 Shadows from light Hiltmeyer ●●○○
195 Add support for Oculus Rift VR headset root ●●○○
171 Physics simulation nodes — gravitation, magnetism, drag, wind, vortex root ●●○○
94 Render smooth joints when using the "Make Line (Strip) Mesh" nodes alexmitchellmus ●●○○
89 Export 3D Mesh krezrock ●○○○
88 Visual Shader Editor danielsamson ●●●○
73 Fog jersmi ●○○○
71 Improve rendering of transparent objects (OIT, Depth Peeling) root ●●○○
67 Depth of Field / Focal Blur / Bokeh Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
50 Node to generate Paul Bourke’s mesh data file (.data) format alexmitchellmus ●○○○
49 Physics Simulation: Collisions (rigid-body) root ●●○○
43 3D object blending SW ●●○○
26 Add support for the Myo gestural controller root ●●○○
23 Combine Shader Node krezrock ●○○○
20 Layer to 3D Object & 3D Object to Layer Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
20 Node set for deforming rigged 3D meshes (forward + inverse kinematics) root ●●●○
20 Add support for SpaceNavigator root ●○○○
16 Get rotation values for face detection - incorporate FaceTracker in Vuo Scratchpole ●●○○
15 Glow Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
15 "Make Triangle Mesh" and "Make Triangle Strip Mesh" nodes root ●○○○
14 Volumetric lighting root ●●○○
13 Polygon node monkey0815 ●●○○
8 `Smooth 3D Object` node alexmitchellmus ●○○○
8 Texture coords from Cam perspective bLackburst ●●○○
6 Render scenes to equirectangular panoramas and cube maps alexmitchellmus ●●○○
3 Subdivide 3D Object alexmitchellmus ●○○○
3 Ray Tracing Node Set alexmitchellmus ●●●○
2 `simplify 3D object` node alexmitchellmus ●○○○
1 Camera tracking MartinusMagneson ●●○○
1 Add Feedback to Layers / Add Feedback to Scene nodes Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
1 Disregard Depth Masking alexmitchellmus ●○○○
1 Add support for HTC Vive VR headset timdashwood ●●○○
Build 3D rotations with new Rotation data type root ●○○○
UV texture coordinate math expressions in 'Make Parametric Grid Mesh' node root ●○○○
Generate random points along surface or volume of 3D object root ●○○○
UV Pass Shader Node alexmitchellmus ●○○○
More features for the `Draggable Camera` jersmi ●○○○
Option for 'Make Point Mesh' points to face the camera alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Draggable Camera Middle Move for Magic Mouse & Trackpad Bodysoulspirit ●○○○

Node Set: Audio

Votes Feature by Complexity
176 Decode Audio Frame Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
63 Enable composition's "Start Recording" menu item to record audio jstrecker ●●○○
50 Audio Frequency to Note cymaspace ●●○○
48 Ability to use audio plugins in compositions (VST, VSTi, and AU) root ●●●○
30 Ability to change audio buffer size alexmitchellmus ●●○○
12 UI for using a specific part of the audio to generate an output jstrecker ●●○○
11 Audio Objects port type and renderer alexmitchellmus ●●○○
5 System Audio output as source in Receive Live Audio node cwilms-loyalist ●●●○
1 Allow changing the number of output audio buffers (latency) alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Receive Audio from Application MartinusMagneson ●●●○
Jack awareness MartinusMagneson ●●○○
Modify audio nodes to react to changes received in between audio events alexmitchellmus ●●○○
"Make Phase-Distorted Wave" node alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Read iTunes playlists vascoarmartins ●●○○
Node set for audio synthesis, filtering, and sequencing root ●●●○

Node Set: Devices and Protocols

Votes Feature by Complexity
202 Send and receive data via TCP and UDP bLackburst ●○○○
126 ILDA Analog Rendering via EtherDream Network Interface (for LaserShow) marcozora ●●○○
103 MIDI Clock / MTC support MartinusMagneson ●○○○
74 Node set for skeletal tracking root ●●○○
72 A websocket node useful design ●●○○
49 Play MIDI files ( lechbialek ●○○○
41 Push2 display drawing IP Identity Problem ●○○○
40 Specify OSC input with IP address and port micpool ●○○○
33 Dictation (speech-to-text) in 'Receive Keyboard Typing' node root ●○○○
31 Key event emulator 1000.Watts ●○○○
25 Twitch Chat Node krezrock ●●○○
21 Add support for the Sensel Morph touchpad root ●●○○
21 Add support for Wacom tablets root ●●○○
20 Add support for Enttec DMX USB Pro jvolker ●●○○
16 Leap Motion hand skeleton points savienojums ●○○○
15 Receive Mouse Clicks on Layer 2bitpunk ●●○○
15 Capture Image of Screen: allow manual control of capture keithlang ●○○○
12 leap depth image ajm ●○○○
11 14-bit MIDI support .lov. ●○○○
11 Nodes for Leap Motion gestures jstrecker ●○○○
11 Add support for Bluetooth Low Energy devices root ●●○○
9 Add convenience nodes for Livid MIDI controllers root ●○○○
6 Sync compositions over network alexmitchellmus ●●○○
5 Voice Command Node alexmitchellmus ●○○○
1 NDI Support to receive audio bLackburst ●●○○
1 Carry over channels across artnet universes bLackburst ●○○○
1 Allow composer to disable standard application keyboard shortcuts Pianomatic ●○○○
1 Allow multiple modifier keys when using Receive Keyboard Buttons Pianomatic ●○○○
1 Continue receiving keyboard events/status even when the composition is not the active application Pianomatic ●○○○
1 Advanced HTTP(S) query nodes jstrecker ●●○○
1 Make "List Audio Devices", "List MIDI Devices", and "List Screens" fire events at start and when devices are added/removed root ●○○○
1 AVB Support MartinusMagneson ●●○○
Fire / Time at chosen FPS Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
Capture Image of Screen doesn't respect Active unless receiving Event keithlang ●○○○
Single hand tracking in Vuo with non-depth cameras keithlang ●●○○
Allow ‘All’ as a device in MIDI receive node micpool ●○○○
Intel Realsense support eseftel ●○○○
Distinguish screens that lack unique identifiers by showing the port the display is connected to root ●○○○
Orbbec Astra depth camera root ●●○○
Provide a way to check whether modifier keys are pressed useful design ●○○○

Node Set: Utilities

Votes Feature by Complexity
182 macOS Notifications Center Subscribe Node Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
91 Make it easier to play back video with a time delay jstrecker ●○○○
82 Keyframe Editor Node alexmitchellmus ●●○○
81 Twitter Node bLackburst ●●○○
56 Delay node jersmi ●○○○
40 Linear Interpolation (lerp) Mapper for Animation jersmi ●●○○
31 Load & Play FFGL plugins Bodysoulspirit ●●○○
28 Nodes for showing/hiding windows, and to enable the window's close button cwright ●●○○
25 Query SQL databases via ODBC pemo ●●○○
16 More list nodes — sort, find occurrences of an item, remove duplicates root ●●○○
15 Receive Mouse Clicks on Layer 2bitpunk ●●○○
13 Allow hiding the window titlebar alexmitchellmus ●○○○
10 Node to Make a QR code keithlang ●○○○
6 More waveforms for the Wave node jersmi ●○○○
5 UI Node - Colour Picker cwilms-loyalist ●●○○
5 Add support for I-CubeX root ●●○○
3 Add Distribution to `Make Random List` alexmitchellmus ●○○○
2 Degrees and radians on Calculate Sine/Cosine/Tangent nodes pbourke ●○○○
2 Allow more data types in Calculate node Pianomatic ●●○○
2 Nodes to convert from Text to most other types Pianomatic ●○○○
1 Option for VuoCurve and VuoCurveEasing to use 0...1 scale instead of bools MartinusMagneson ●○○○
1 Get File Drags On App Icon Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
1 More type conversions Pianomatic ●○○○
1 Super cables alexmitchellmus ●●○○
Support "full" fullscreen on recent displays (ex with notch) Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
Load & Play Lottie animated files (JSON & .lottie) Bodysoulspirit
window level to the desktop dust ●●○○
Fire / Time at chosen FPS Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
Xlsx support in fetch table MartinusMagneson ●○○○
Regex (Matches Regular Expression) support across text nodes Pianomatic ●○○○
Change Window Opacity keithlang ●○○○
Create two new node classes: `Convert Data to Integers` and `Convert Data to Reals` MartinusMagneson ●○○○
Extend vuo.file.exist to support non-local URLs such as HTTP (was: vuo.file.exist doesn't access http url) Joost de Bot ●○○○
"make transform list" inversion cremaschi ●○○○
Add Brownian noise function to Make Gradient Noise marcin ●○○○
Change Items in List node Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
Apply an ICC Color Profile to an image (ex CMYK printing profiles) Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
Set Drop Shadow of window property alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Event order node MartinusMagneson ●○○○
Change Window Clickthrough Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
Ability to add overhead menu items (such as File > Save) to compositions alexmitchellmus ●○○○
Allow / Block Fullscreen node Bodysoulspirit ●○○○
Query scientific databases via OPeNDAP pemo ●●○○


Votes Feature by Complexity
123 Python Node alexmitchellmus ●●●○
93 Ability to create nodes using JavaScript root ●●●○
34 Ability to create nodes in 'Swift' alexmitchellmus ●●●○
6 Be able to instantiate custom node by dragging-and-dropping file onto canvas jstrecker ●○○○
Ability to create nodes using Ruby root ●●●○
API to customize the display of data in constant flags and port popovers jstrecker ●●○○ Website

Votes Feature by Complexity
3 Private messages to other users on alexmitchellmus ●○○○
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