Coming from a design background, I'm pretty well trained to hold down the Z key, and marquee select the area I want to zoom to. This is how Photoshop, Sketch, Figma etc. works.

Therefor I often unconsciously hold down Z and select an area with the hope of zooming into that area.

Would love support for that!



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You don't need to hold 'Z'

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You don't need to hold 'Z' down in photoshop to zoom-in though.

'Z' selects the Zoom tool, which can zoom in or out.

The temporary pan & zoom tools (which returns to the tool you already are using after the pan/zoom is executed which in itself is another time saver/convenience/friction reducer) are invoked in all the Adobe CC apps with the three finger modifier dance of: * spacebar" for pan * "spacebar" + "⌘" for Zoom In (macOS) * "spacebar" + "⌘" + "⌥" for Zoom Out (macOS) using either click, marquee or click&drag for dynamic zooming in some of the apps

As someone who trained a lot of students and industry veterans in PS and AI I insisted that they get these and other shortcuts to become like second nature because it literally saves hours in the week they're used so often.

I advocated for for these short cuts and they were deemed "modal" and therefore not appropriate for a long time. Eventually, IIRC, cwright asked for a panning shortcut and "spacebar" modal was implemented. I don't do Vuo these days, hoping to come back one day, but I was constantly trying to use the Adobe shortcuts to zoom in and out of composition details as I worked on bigger comps, which is like "everything" you do because Vuo still doesn't have local sub-compositions for organising larger compositions into component paths which you don't want stored and accessed as a separate file.

Here's my FR from back then:

The point of holding down the

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The point of holding down the Z is that it makes it a pseudo-mode. Pseudo-modes are good, because you can't 'forget' you're holding down a key with your finger.

Since Vuo is not a tool-based interface, this would work IMO.

Would love another consideration. Until then, I'll keep hitting Z, dragging, and nothing will happen 🙂

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