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Collage of graphics used in the workshop

Vuo / VDMX / Ableton Live audiovisual programming @ online

Huseyin Kuru, creative director of Motus.Lumina, is teaching an online workshop via one-on-one Zoom meetings. With 10 hours of instruction, the workshop gives each participant an in-depth look at audiovisual programming, starting from the basics. The workshop introduces participants to node-based visual programming with Vuo and explains how to create audiovisual compositions using Vuo, VDMX, and Ableton Live.

Full workshop description: English and español.

Art by Stian Remvik

Verktøykassen: Creative Software @ Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts

2019.05.23 to 2019.05.24

As part of a series of workshops combining art and technology, co-presenters Stian Remvik, Espen Sommer Eide (materialvision), and Lars Ove Toft introduced participants to creative software including Vuo.

About this workshop:

Joe demonstrating a body tracking composition

Introduction to Vuo @ B-Seite Festival


The B-Seite Festival hosted its first ever workshop on Vuo, led by Joe Catchpole (Joe) with assistance from Christian Heudens (Bodysoulspirit). Beginners and intermediate visual programmers alike took the opportunity to get a solid introduction to Vuo.

Jaymie and Steve explaining 3D coordinates

How to make original, interactive dome visuals with Vuo @ IMERSA Summit


Jaymie Strecker and Steve Mokris of Team Vuo gave a half-hour presentation on Vuo as part of the Gaming and Interactivity Workshop at the 2019 IMERSA Summit.

IMERSA's mission is "to advance the art and technology of immersive digital experiences". To that end, the 10th annual IMERSA summit was held Feb. 2–5, 2019 at the COSI science museum and research center.

Random-walk art on the class website

Computational Form class @ Parsons School of Design


Justin Bakse taught a 1-week unit on Vuo as part of his Computational Form class at the Parsons School of Design. The goal of the class: "We will make things that make things."

Students learned how to use Vuo and other software, including Javascript, p5.js, and OpenSCAD, "to explore new aesthetics… creating and processing images, animation, video, sound, and 3D forms completely with code."

Free introduction to Vuo @ Adelaide


Alex Mitchell conducted a free 5-hour workshop on Vuo in his local university's computer lab. He said, "We had a great turnout of passionate creators ranging from graphic designers - video editors - lighting designers and musicians. Even a few Max and Isadora experts. They were really excited at the speed of Vuo, and especially the new projection mapping feature!"

The workshop was divided into two parts:

Flyer for the event

Making music visuals with Vuo @ Kutztown University


At the Kutztown University Grim Planetarium dome, Jaymie Strecker (Vuo developer and Project Ruori artist) explained our philosophy and process for improvising realtime music visuals using Vuo.

A Celestial Spring Eve 2016 was the 5th in a series of Computer Music and Visualization one-evening seminars at Kutztown University. In addition to Jaymie's presentation, it featured performances by fellow Vuo developer Steve Mokris and by Kutztown faculty and students.

Jaymie demonstrating a Vuo composition

Visual programming for multimedia artists @ The College of Wooster


Vuo developer Jaymie Strecker presented at the College of Wooster's Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium, a series of talks given by invited speakers throughout the year. Jaymie spoke to students and faculty about Vuo from a developer's point of view. Jaymie explained how the Vuo compiler works, and how the evolving needs of multimedia artists have driven Vuo’s design.