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Quick start / The easiest way to start developing a node class is with one of the example Qt projects for a node class, which are provided with the Vuo SDK. / Install Qt and Qt Creator.

As Qt ask for Xcode, I would write "Install Xcode, Qt, and Qt Creator."

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Thanks, if it's coming in some form or another, I'll gladly work with it when it's available.

Looking at the code for Make 4D Point, modifying the source code seems straightforward enough. What should I use for compiling (or are there instructions somewhere on how to compile)?

#include "node.h"
                     "title" : "Make 4D Point",
                     "keywords" : [ "homogenous", "xyzw", "coordinates", "vector" ],
                     "version" : "2.0.0",
                     "node": {
                          "exampleCompositions" : [ ]
void nodeEvent
        VuoInputData(VuoReal, {"default":0.0}) x,
        VuoInputData(VuoReal, {"default":0.0}) y,
        VuoInputData(VuoReal, {"default":0.0}) z,
        VuoInputData(VuoReal, {"default":0.0}) w,
        VuoOutputData(VuoPoint4d) point
    point->x = x;
    point->y = y;
    point->z = z;
    point->w = w;
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You say "The Calculate node might be a tiny bit slower since it has to parse the mathematical expression". Surely the parsing only needs to happen once, in fact it must happen immediately because only then does it know what input ports to create.

Regarding the 4 file uploads, perhaps there was something else happening at the time, seems I can upload more now.

Regarding more generalised nodes ... perhaps maths is the stand-out example. But I find myself often making sub compositions from multiple nodes in simply for generalisation. For example there is convert text to boolean, int, real, data. Why not one node with 4 outputs. I really doubt there is any measurable performance difference for the sorts of things people are using Vuo for. Search for "convert point", surely some of those can be compressed into multiple input or output nodes. I guess this is "style" and "elegance" thing and not everyone will agree, but my vote is certainly for a smaller number of general nodes rather than a large number of specific ones. I also accept there is now a backwards compatibility issue.

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I'm merging this into related feature request Insert node between other nodes.

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The ultimate solution to this would be Iteration: Turn most nodes into iterators by allowing single-value ports to accept lists and Lists within lists. I see how adding 5D, 6D, etc. points could be useful in the meantime, but after discussing with some of the team, we're thinking it would be better not to add these temporary nodes that, for some people, might just clutter their node library, and that would enable us to get to iteration and lists of lists a little bit sooner. If you or anyone else would be interested in a little C coding, it would be pretty straightforward to make custom nodes for as many multi-Ds as you want if you started with the source code for 4D point nodes.

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@jstrecker commented on @cremaschi's Bug Report, “OSC parames shuffled

Looks like the problem (and solution) are actually on the Quartz Composer side.

In QC, there are two ways to look up an item in a structure: by index or by key. When the qcOSC patch turns the received OSC data into a QC structure, it correctly sets the keys (the numbers in quotation marks) but shuffles the order of the indices (the numbers you're looking at). So the tooltip looks wrong, but if you use Structure Key Member instead of Structure Index Member to look up the items, you should get the correct result.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing!

A simple example are all the maths nodes, there are so many of them, that are all unnecessary given the calculate node.

That's a good point, and I'm trying (unsuccessfully at the moment) to remember if there was as specific motivation for doing it that way or if it was mainly because theCalculate node was not added until after the single-function math nodes. The Calculate node might be a tiny bit slower since it has to parse the mathematical expression, but I don't think anyone has measured to see if the difference is ever perceptible.

There are lots of other examples of nodes that I feel could be combined or generalised more resulting in a simpler search and interface.

The ones I'm aware of are variations with different numbers of ports, like Select Latest (2) and Select Latest (8), which are planned be fixed with Select and OSC nodes with variable number of ports. Did you have other examples in mind?

Discussions like this seem to only allow 4 file uploads. More I could share but can't. :-)

That's odd, there's no limit set. If you edit the post, can you add more files? If not, maybe we'd be able to figure out the problem if you could provide a screenshot, and in the meantime you'd be welcome to put more files in comments.

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What is the client that you're sending to? Does it help to change the unused (last 5) ports to a different data type (right-click and change to generic, right-click again and choose some other type)?

Related feature request: Select and OSC nodes with variable number of ports

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@jstrecker posted a new Answer, “Answer to OSC text params

Yeah, there's a little trick to it. Right-click on the Data port and change it to generic, then right-click again and change it to Text.



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