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Bringing tracking data into Vuo

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Is it possible to track a shot (footage) in another program and then bring that 3d camera path into Vuo? I'd really like to composite some of my vuo compositions into some footage I shot and was wondering if I could match up the motion. Any workarounds welcome.


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Thanks Jaymie.

So Hold Value and similar nodes with walls on all ports will get a new trigger port to replace refresh port?

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Oh, I meant like this (from — and will try to make clear in the docs —

Counterclockwise when on the positive side of the axis looking toward the origin.

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"The rotations are counterclockwise ....", need more information than that for 3D, are you on the axis looking towards the origin, or at the origin looking along the axis?

Combine Transforms, yes that is exactly what I did ... I could have worked it out with some simple tests but in the end separating them made things easier to understand. I was mainly referring to have these conventions documented.

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The rotations are counterclockwise (right-handed coordinate system). I'll have to find out for you about the rotation order. And yeah, we should document those.

You can use Combine Transforms to construct a series of translate/rotate/scale operations in whatever order you'd like.

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First answer — Yes, as you figured out, @Alastair, Re-Fire Event fires an event through the trigger port or input port that most recently had an event manually fired. (This is mentioned in the manual under Firing an event manually.)

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VDMX b0., a newer version, has support for Vuo 1.2.6.



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