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Maybe you could generate a list of points in the exact shape of a sphere (or whatever), then use the result of Calculate Amplitudes for Frequencies to perturb each point.

There's probably some formula you could plug into Calculate List or Make Parametric Points to generate points along the surface of a sphere. Make Parametric Grid Points could also be useful.

Once you generate the list of points, you could feed that into an Add Lists node and have the other input come from Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies.

Then you could feed the resulting list into the Transforms port of Copy 3D Object (TRS + Material). And you could feed a list of colors into the Materials port that is also controlled by the output of Calculate Amplitudes for Frequencies.

Or maybe another way to approach the problem would be to use Displace 3D Object with Image. You could use the result of Calculate Amplitudes for Frequencies to draw points in an image (appropriately distorted to map onto a sphere), and use that to distort your sphere. And you could draw points similarly but using the result of Calculate Amplitudes for Frequencies to control the color, and use Shade with Unlit Image to color points or areas on the sphere.

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I have found material shinyness but is there any way to make objects reflect each other in a scene?

Not currently. You're welcome to make a feature request.

You can render reflections from an environment map, though, like in Shiny Spheres.

or have partial transparency?

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I will need a way to tell file name of the image to my app.

You could do this with a Receive File Drags node. The user would launch the app and then drop the image file onto it.

Is it possible to run .app with some arguments and get argument value to my vuo composition?

Not currently, but that would make a good feature request if you'd like to create one.

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@IP, does the problem still happen with Vuo 1.2.6-alpha2?

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@Kewl commented on @Benedikt's Bug Report, “makeSpiral example instant crash

Good to know about the asterisk. Thanks.

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Confirmed, this is a bug. Thanks for reporting this problem, @timwessman.

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Hi ;)

2 things, you have connected the split text to a drawer of the Cycle through list node and that has added an auto collapsed node First Item so you only are retrieving the first Item so you cannot cycle through them. Connect the list to the main port right to the drawer instead.

Then instead of connecting the Fire Periodically to the node start triangle port, connect it to the 'Go Forward` port.

That way it should work.

PS : Jaymie, I added a comment again instead of an answer, sorry.

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@jstrecker commented on @Benedikt's Bug Report, “makeSpiral example instant crash

Based on the crash report, this looks like the same problem as Crash of ShowAudioFrequencies Example.

(The * is unrelated. In the crash report, it hides part of the path to keep your computer username private.)

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@Benedikt, thanks for reporting this problem. The crash report indicates that it's a bug in your graphics driver (NVIDIA GeForce 320M) that Vuo will need to work around.

Since we (Vuo team) don't have a computer with the same graphics card to test with, would you mind checking a couple things? We'd really appreciate your help.

First thing — In the composition's Render Scene to Window node, change Multisampling to "Off". Does the composition still crash?

Second thing — Run Vuo in debug mode and post the log messages here. Here's how:

  • Open the Terminal application.
  • Paste in this command — defaults write org.vuo.Editor debug -boolean true — and hit Return.
  • Launch Vuo Editor (or restart if already running).
  • Run the composition until it crashes.
  • Open the Console application.
  • Copy the log messages that begin with "Vuo" and paste them into your reply here.
  • Go back to Terminal and paste in this command — defaults delete org.vuo.Editor debug — and hit Return.
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Thank you for contacting me @cymaspace !

It was a pleasure working with you for our first collaboration !

You're amazing ! I'd recommend anyone to work with you too. Cant' wait to see where we go next ;)




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