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fractal ball

Vuo fractal test

GeodesicDome + Sierpinski gasket

"stv Gen Geodesic Dome from Regular Icosahedron" -> make GeodesicDome points

"stv Gen 3D Fractal Triangle 1" -> make Sierpinski gasket(Tetrahedron) points from triangle points

"stv Make List Item3D Triangle With Scale" -> make scaled triangle points (from triangle points)

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 

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No I don't know either why it is blinking. Perhaps due to some event cables, or a bug with the images on top.
Perhaps try with a Render Layers Ton Window instead, here with this method it does not flicker for me. May be better methods though.

PS : Put the vuo file in your same folder as the original one as it scans the folder WERKEN that has to be in the same folder as the file.


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What do you mean with back and forth ON THE BEAT ?

Check this node info here to get you started there is some info about reverse playback : Play Movie (
Please note that the backward playback quality will depend on your computer and movie specs as seen here : PRORES 4444 stutters on reverse playback

What do you have achieved already ?

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I'm playing around with some sort of smear effect. I have a base image where I pick a small width from and smear that out over another layer which moves around. After a little while that layer starts blinking randomly. I thought about it being the picker that moves out of the to-be-picked image, but that doesn't seem the case.

What is happening here and what can I do to fix this?

This occurs on both an iMac 5K and the latest MacMini.

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