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The Kineme PDF Import patch was pretty useful to me for exporting multipage PDF files in Adobe Illustrator and bringing those images into a QC composition. I could adjust multiple pages and just save once and the comp would update with a restart. Being able to set the rendering dimensions or one of them and let aspect ratio work out the other would be good.

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You can already access .svg paths as it basically is an xml file. I'm poking around to see if I can make a sane solution to extract the paths to something useful in Vuo. When that is said, actual .svg manipulation would be nice to have, as I expect shapes, curves and such will be tedious to do with the existing nodes.

If you feel like poking around, use a 'fetch xml tree' node and drag a .svg file to the URL port. Dragging the file into Vuo won't help as it isn't a recognized filetype, but the node will be able to read it. From here, use 'Get Tree Attribute' directly with attribute set to "viewBox" (case sensitive) to get the canvas size. Also connect a 'Find Subtrees with Name', Name set to "path", send this to 'Get Item from List'. From that one, connect a 'Get Tree Attribute' with Attribute set to "d", and then you will have one of the paths. The paths is selected by the 'Get Item from List' node.

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Are you using sin/cos to get a point (the direction) from the degrees?

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Still really struggling with this. I just can't get it to work perfectly, I can get all the keyframe data and appear to be reading it in vuo. The ball just keeps bouncing around and I don't know why. Argggghhh

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Late to the party as always, but found this to be quite interesting to look at. Haven't yet had time to look into the new data options in 2.6, so this was a good opportunity. I took the liberty of simplifying and reducing resource usage of the core composition/animation, and stuffed it into a 'Build List' node to do most of the work, enabling a calculate node fitted with a lerp function (this doesn't exist in a dedicated node for lists (yet?)) to do the morphing.

The smoothness issue is probably because the lines get drawn as rectangles (probably called something more professional sounding). As it is the center that is at the coordinate provided, this means that the rectangle will "break" at the outside of sharp corners if it has a large line width. I find that upsampling and adding a modest blur, together with a high sample-/point count to begin with makes for a better result. If you are careful with the event flow, it's even possible to run it at an acceptable level of resource usage. No need for unnecessary events - "Allow Changes" is your friend!

A few notes on usage: You probably have to re-drag the csv file to the 'Fetch Table' URL. If you use a different table, you also probably have to change the max value of the Morph fader in the input section to correspond to the data set (this can be calculated). The 'Wave' node is in this concoction essentially just acting as a fancy modulo node. This can be replaced with any other time based node (smooth or curve for instance?) with a duration set to 1 for different morphing motions (and control!).

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Calibration problem with Vuo (skeleton-Twirl). I use NiMate and I have a hard time calibrating my kinect v2 I want to distort my image with the patch Twirl (center) patch filter skeleton, My deformation remains at the top of the screen to the I manage to move it but I have to lean very close to the ground to see it. Is it possible to be able to intervene on the modification of the parameters Twirl-image (center). Thanks if you have a solution to test

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Thanks for explaining Jamie, I had an hour long riding home last night and I got to thinking that must have been it otherwise why would you be watching for a change in the data? :-)

Firing events each 0.2s into the Smooth demo comp confirms they go funny. Especially Smooth with Rate which is more time dependent (in shorthand) for it's movement function.

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Great to hear UI nodes are coming with 1.3, any idea of when that might happen? I've got a few projects that need UI elements that I've had to leave in limbo until this was released.



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