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What does "Support the option to use either faceted normals or smoothed normals" refer to?

Faceted is when you can see the triangles, smoothed is when their edges are smoothed over.

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I'm wondering if there is a way to address (from a node other than Share Value) specialized ports on nodes such as the Feedback Blend Mode port on the Blend Image with Feedback node or the Smoothing port on the Filter and Smooth Controller Midi node?

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i have a running dog video and i want it to go back and forth by the beat

You mentioned that you found a solution based on the Show Instant Replay example. Cool.

For reference of anyone else who lands here looking for how to do the same thing, here's one solution:

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If the popover says it hasn't dropped any events, then Vuo is submitting all movie frames to the macOS window server to be displayed. This doesn't 100% guarantee that macOS won't drop frames (that's out of Vuo's control), but it's a pretty good indication that your system is keeping up with the movie framerate.

With a simple composition, just Play Movie -> your shader -> Render Image to Window, the port popover would be a good measure of the effect of output resolution on your shader.

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@jstrecker commented on @balam's Discussion, “Interface suggestion

Your comment touches on some suggestions that other people have had for usability improvements: Background Color and More type conversions. We've had some discussions, but I don't think any community feature requests yet, about how in Max you can double-click on the graph and start typing to create a node, and how that idea might translate to Vuo. It would be cool if you could right-click on a port and get a mini node library of all nodes that could connect to the port, for example.

I wonder if some of the non-intuitive things will start to feel more intuitive as you use Vuo more and get used to its conventions. Like with Max, if someone's brand new to it, maybe they don't know that "matrix" means bridges for data, but they learn it from experience and then it makes perfect sense. With Vuo, maybe you don't know immediately that if you search the node library for two data types, like "object" and "image", you find nodes converting between them. So if things seem non-intuitive at first but then start to make sense over time, I wonder if there are things we can do to speed up the process.