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We'll keep that idea in mind and see if more people ask for it. I see how it could potentially be helpful, but it would require some additional bookkeeping and discussion.

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@jstrecker commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “scene optimisation

To hide objects beyond a certain distance, you could add a camera (such as Make Targeted Perspective Camera) and adjust its Distance Min and Max ports. See example compositions Compare Cameras and Switch Cameras.

There are a number of reasons why a composition that animates a lot of 3D objects might be slowing down, so if the camera doesn't solve the problem, it would help if you could post your composition (or a simplified version of it).

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Philip (@Pianomatic), are you thinking a visual cue on nodes that could ever be collapsed (going by your proposal, that would include any node with at least one input) or on nodes that can currently be collapsed (have one input receiving data)?

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@jstrecker posted a new Answer, “Answer to Pulling in online data

If the data is provided in the form of an RSS feed, you can use the Fetch RSS Items node. (See example composition Display RSS Items.)

In Vuo 1.2.6, there will be a new node called Make Tree from Text that can parse JSON or XML. To pull in data from a web service that provides JSON- or XML-formatted data, you would use a Fetch Data node to download the data from the URL and pass it along to the Make Tree from Text node. (Feature request: Load structured data.)