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Hi ;)

2 things, you have connected the split text to a drawer of the Cycle through list node and that has added an auto collapsed node First Item so you only are retrieving the first Item so you cannot cycle through them. Connect the list to the main port right to the drawer instead.

Then instead of connecting the Fire Periodically to the node start triangle port, connect it to the 'Go Forward` port.

That way it should work.

PS : Jaymie, I added a comment again instead of an answer, sorry.

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Thank you for contacting me @cymaspace !

It was a pleasure working with you for our first collaboration !

You're amazing ! I'd recommend anyone to work with you too. Cant' wait to see where we go next ;)


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@Chris yes this feature and your feature request for layer texts to be optionally resizable like the other layers would be really great.

Somtimes I wonder how much it would cost to hire the team for such a 1-dot feature like the wrap text feature.
Perhaps in some feature it could be great to have an option to know the funding price of a feature request and have the possibility to hire the team together and crowd fund some urgent features. Not talking about month long stuff that would push away the Vuo releases but some things like this that would take up to some days of work.

The team made a poll some days ago, perhaps a crowd fund hire the team option could be a thing too.

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Hey @Chris if I'm right you're talking about the feature request Provide option to automatically wrap text images/layers

In the meantime you could be interested into Jaymie's great workaround (quite a lot of nodes though for a simple text break) can't wait for that feature too !

Her workaround : Noob question how to process an unknown string to break it up nicely

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You could use Feedback Image. The thing is on your image it only selects some pixels so you would have to determine which those would be, the brightest pixels, specific colored pixels etc.

Or mask images.

Here is a test composition and I've added some nodes that could help finding the effect you want, just play with those.