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Salut Xavier.

Je ne comprends pas vraiment ce que tu veux faire. Pour l'instant il y a juste 2 couleurs, gris et rouge, tu veux quoi ? Créer une liste de couleurs DMX de ces 2 couleurs ? Ou tu voudrais que ces cubes aient des couleurs ?

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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @bLackburst's Bug Report, “Auto type-convertor bug

I'm not sure this is a bug, since auto-convert Scale is a 2D point that you connect to Width or Height which are 1 dimension points, it uses the only 1 dimension values retrieved which is rotation.

If you want to retrieve the Width & Height I would use either Get 2D Points Values and select "Scale" on connection or Get Transform Scale. I may be wrong though ;)

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What about rendering the layer to an image and sample the image ?
No sure what you mean with coordinates not lining up, perhaps upload the composition or a screenshot.

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@grahamis you can still use image width in Image Generator mode.

I tried to adapt Jaymie's composition to adapt the amount of words per line depending on the image width (within a range) + make font size depending on it too.

Try perhaps to play with it to achieve your goal, sorry I did not really understand your last comment. Hope that helps though.