Animated GIFs

A photo processed with Vuo 1.2's new Frost Image filter.
398x291, 17.0 MB

A kaleidoscope made with Vuo 1.2's new Radially Offset Image RGB Channels and Blend Image with Feedback nodes.
Composition by Melissa Egan.
343x270, 12.3 MB

Live Vuo visuals by Jaymie Strecker at electro-music 2015.
540x394, 15 MB


Covered Bridge with Glass

A scene rendered with Vuo 1.2's new fisheye camera


Vuo 1.2 adds support for subcompositions, so you can easily organize larger compositions, and reuse parts of compositions in other compositions.
1007x587, 76 KB

Vuo 1.2's new Schedule node, which makes it easy to sequence animations.
1839x1151, 201 KB

A 3D mesh rendered with Vuo's fisheye camera
1024x1024, 449 KB

Some of the new nodes in Vuo 1.2
2704x1561, 702 KB