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Team Vuo is dedicated to bringing Vuo to you. We want you to have fun and be productive with Vuo, share Vuo with your friends, and help build the Vuo community.

Part of Team Vuo. Photo by Jim Korpi.

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Steve Mokris ()

I'm part of the team that designs and implements Vuo. I'm also part of the team that makes the website work.

See my post on for some background information on how I got involved in this.

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Jaymie Strecker ()

Hi! I'm one of the developers of Vuo. I work on all aspects of Vuo, including the nodes, compiler, editor, website, and answering questions from community members. I like books and cats.

¡Hola! Soy une de les desarrolladores de Vuo. Trabajo en todos los aspectos de Vuo, incluyendo los nodos, el compilador, el editor, el sitio web, y responder a las preguntas de les miembres de la comunidad. Me gustan los libros y los gatos.

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Melissa Egan ()

One of my favorite aspects of working as a software developer on Team Vuo is the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of the Vuo editor, which makes the process of creating even sophisticated compositions intuitive and fun. I enjoy being able to spend so much time playing with the editor myself, and helping fine-tune it to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

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Jean Marie Cackowski ()

I help out with Vuo support and I'm part of the think-tank called "Team Vuo." Depending on our present needs, some of my work can be writing about and sharing the Vuo story. We believe there are all kinds of people who will embrace Vuo once they discover it’s out there!

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Matthew Radcliffe ()

I look forward to being a Vuo hobbyist while helping out with the Specifically I tinker with interactive inputs like audio and human-interface devices (HID). 日本語でもよろしいです.

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Bradley Mellen ()

My involvement with Vuo has primarily been during design meetings. We've spent a lot of time discussing and reviewing the Vuo architecture on every level, from the technical back-end to the user interface. I've been particularly interested in the discussion concerning how we can improve the execution flow of Vuo compositions, in terms of both making it as powerful as possible and exposing those possibilities to the user in a clear way so they can easily understand and leverage them.


Community members who make contributions are a critical component of Vuo’s acceptance and future success. Thanks to all of you.

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