Vuo is a kit for making a million different projects — apps, videos, prototypes, plugins, exhibits, live performance effects, and more. Even if you don't have programming experience, Vuo lets you build your own stuff for Mac.

Vuo is the Finnish word for flow, and that's what Vuo is about — supporting your creative flow. When you're creating, you want to focus on your ideas. You don't want to be distracted or frustrated trying to figure out how your tools work. Vuo helps you stay in the groove by making it easy to find the building blocks you want, put them together, and tweak your creation until it's just the way you want it.

Comic art by Kelci Crawford.

After the show…

Latesha: Great VJ set. How did you make those graphics?

Lupe: With Vuo. I'm an artist. Vuo is my paintbrush and canvas. It's an app where I can mix simple effects to make these amazing interactive designs.

Latesha: I've got a gig next month for The Queen of Pop. Could Vuo show a 3D world on the screen, like a cityscape?

Lupe: Yeah! You could load a scene made in 3D modeling software. Or generate the buildings live.

Latesha: Hey, could I make each building appear in sync with the beat?

Lupe: Mm-hm. Vuo can respond to audio input or a drum machine.

Latesha: Oh! Oh! When she walks across the stage, I want to make the buildings shake.

Lupe: Put some force sensors on the stage, connect them to an Arduino, and feed that into Vuo.

Latesha: And I want to make the stagelights flicker and shoot fireworks.

Lupe: Vuo can control stage equipment.

Latesha: I bet I could use Vuo to make the promo video, too.

Lupe: Right. You can even export to a high-res movie.

Latesha: Thanks for your help!

Lupe: No problem. Your show sounds awesome. I'll be there!

With Vuo, you can put together amazing interactive media on the fly. Here are some examples of projects made with Vuo:

A planetarium dome is filled with layer upon layer of undulating wireframe spheres. Created by Steve Mokris.

Hand motions and live audio make a particle system dance to the music. Created by Anthony Gene Guterac.

A video's frames are spread across the screen and recolored. Created by Karl Henkel.

A Vuo composition is layered with a video in the VJ app CoGe. From the Protocols: Part 1 tutorial.

This custom color picker is an example of a UI widget made with Vuo. Created by Bodysoulspirit.

Body movements bring a stick figure to life, as Vuo receives OSC messages from skeletal tracking software. Created by Michele Cremaschi.

Multiple synchronized screens catch the eyes of visitors at a trade show. Created by jens probst.

If you've ever used a creative coding environment like Processing, OpenFrameworks, TouchDesigner, Max/MSP, Pure Data, vvvv, or Quartz Composer, all this might sound familiar to you. Vuo stands out because it produces professional-quality graphics, using the full processing power of your CPU and GPU, yet is easy to learn. Vuo comes with built-in support for a bunch of devices and protocols, plus built-in examples and documentation, so you get started creating right away. Check out our comparison to other creative coding environments and our introduction for Quartz Composer users to learn more.

Could Vuo help with your next project? Download the free trial for Mac and find out!

"As an artist who thinks visually but enjoys the power that coding grants, Vuo is exactly what I've wanted for a long time."

"Discovered Vuo about a month ago and haven't been able to stop building things."