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macOS 10.12+

For medium and large organizations and access to more features.

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Which additional features does Vuo Pro offer?

Vuo Pro has additional features geared towards creative professionals:

  • Export FxPlug plug-ins for Final Cut Pro for macOS
  • Export macOS FFGL (FreeFrame) plugins
  • Export macOS screen savers
  • Face detection — Find human faces in live video, and identify their locations, sizes, and landmarks (eyes, nose, and mouth) in the image.
  • Antialiasing and motion blur — When exporting a composition to a movie file (offline rendering via the File > Export > Movie… menu), Vuo Pro allows you to apply spatial supersampling (antialiasing) and temporal supersampling (motion blur).
  • NDI — Vuo’s Send NDI Video and Receive NDI Video nodes enable your compositions to stream video over a local network using NewTek NDI®.
  • Art-Net — Vuo’s Send Art-Net Messages and Receive Art-Net Messages nodes enable your compositions to control stage lights, or to be controlled by a stage lighting system.
  • Blackmagic — Vuo’s Receive Blackmagic Video and Send Blackmagic Video nodes enable your compositions to get video from and output video to Blackmagic devices. (If you have an Apple M1 processor, check the Blackmagic Desktop Video release notes to see if your device is supported on M1.)
  • 3D stereoscopic rendering — Vuo’s Make Stereo Camera, Make Targeted Stereo Camera, Render Scene to Stereo Images, and Combine 3D Stereo Images nodes allow you to render and encode a 3D scene using an asymmetric frustum perspective projection, suitable for outputting to stereoscopic displays. See the “Make Stereo Camera” and “Combine 3D Stereo Images” demo apps in the Composition Gallery.
  • Fisheye camera — Vuo’s Make Fisheye Camera and Make Targeted Fisheye Camera nodes allow you to perform 3D fisheye projection, for use as an artistic effect or for projecting on hemispherical domes. See the “Make Fisheye Camera” and “Make Targeted Fisheye Camera” demo apps in the Composition Gallery.
  • Projection warping — Vuo’s Warp Image with Projection Mesh node enables you to project onto a dome with a spherical mirror, an inexpensive alternative to traditional planetarium projection systems. Besides warping images for dome projection, it can be used for any kind of image warping — for example: keystone correction, stereo image alignment, conversion between image perspectives, and projection mapping. See the “Warp Image with Projection Mesh” demo app in the Composition Gallery.
  • Advanced image processing — Vuo’s Apply Liquid Resizing and Apply Liquid Mask nodes enable you to apply content-aware transformations to images. See “Apply Liquid Resizing” and “Apply Liquid Resizing with Mask” demo apps in the Composition Gallery. Vuo’s Measure Sharpness node enables you to numerically evaluate images, and Skeletonize Image performs morphological skeletonization.
  • Advanced 3D object processing — Vuo’s Union, Intersect, and Subtract 3D Objects nodes enable you to perform boolean operations, and Flatten 3D Object enables you to simplify a scenegraph hierarchy.
  • Dark mode and compact toolbars — Make Vuo’s interface dark and more streamlined.