Video playback and processing

  • movie playback
  • library of image effects
  • support for Hap, HEVC/H.265, H.264, ProRes, RTSP streaming, RTMP streaming, and more
  • screen recording (realtime rendering)
  • movie export (offline rendering)
  • antialiasing and motion blur in movie export
  • create FxPlug plug-ins for Final Cut Pro for macOS
  • Blackmagic capture and playback
  • NewTek NDI® sending and receiving

Muybridge Movie composition by Karl Henkel

2D and 3D graphics

  • GPU acceleration
  • 3D model loading, including .3ds, .dae, .fbx, .obj, .stl, and more
  • 3D scenes with cameras and lighting
  • creation and animation of 2D and 3D shapes
  • GLSL editor
  • import from ISF and Shadertoy
  • high-resolution graphics (2K, 4K, 8K)
  • advanced image processing: liquid image resizing, sharpness measurement, morphological skeletonization
  • advanced 3D object processing: intersection and difference of solid objects

Gallery Composition by mixfilet

Input from mouse, keyboard, audio, and external devices

  • live video input from iSight/FaceTime and external cameras
  • live sound input
  • Apple trackpad multitouch and force touch
  • USB HID devices such as joysticks, gamepads, and sensors
  • Kinect v1 and v2 depth camera
  • Kinect and RealSense body tracking via NI mate
  • Leap Motion hand tracking (Intel processors only)
  • barcode detection
  • face and face landmark (eyes, nose, and mouth) detection

Gallery composition by Scratchpole

Data files and feeds

  • make HTTP/HTTPS GET requests to web services — download data from the internet or a local network
  • manipulate XML and JSON hierarchical structured data
  • manipulate CSV and TSV tabular data
  • read RSS feeds
  • save data to files

Audio playback and processing

  • audio file playback
  • basic waveform synthesis and filtering
  • amplitude and frequency analysis
  • multiple audio channels
  • beat detection
  • speech synthesis

Communication with stage lighting and equipment

  • OSC input and output
  • MIDI input and output for interfacing with synthesizers and sequencers — notes, controllers, pitch bend
  • Art-Net input and output — control stage lights, receive commands from lighting consoles; supports controllers such as ENTTEC ODE and ODE Mk2

Output to flat screens, projection surfaces, and domes

  • one or multiple screens
  • perspective and affine projection mapping
  • fisheye warping
  • spherical mirror and other warping
  • 3D stereoscopic rendering

Creation of custom user interfaces

  • buttons, checkboxes, sliders, and file drops
  • loading and interacting with web pages

Creation of screen savers and apps

  • apps for macOS (ad-hoc code-signed)
  • screen savers for macOS

Creation of plugins for VJ software

  • plugins for VDMX and CoGe
  • FFGL plugins for macOS

Communication with other software on macOS

  • Syphon for sending and receiving video
  • OSC communication with applications such as QLab and NI mate
  • launching other apps

Communication with mobile devices

  • TouchOSC and Lemur user interfaces on iOS and Android
  • live video input from tethered iPhone/iPad or via video streaming app

Communication with Raspberry Pi and Arduino microcontrollers

  • serial RS-232 input and output

Live response to edits

  • workflow uninterrupted by recompiling/rebuilding
  • modifications possible during performance or exhibition without relaunching

Event-driven processing

  • actions cued by internal and external events, such as a button press, OSC message, or timer
  • control over when processing occurs so that compositions run efficiently

SDK for developers

  • developing custom nodes and data types
  • running Vuo compositions inside of other software
  • modifying Vuo CE (open source)

Supported operating systems

  • macOS 10.12 and later